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How I Use the Law of Sacrifice… The Unstoppable Blueprint!

By Amira Alvarez

Living by The Laws of Success has allowed me to make several quantum leaps in my income over the years, and is so essential when you’re going for MORE in your life and business.

But what are The Laws of Success?!

These are the Universal Laws that govern how life works. If you want to create a successful life, it behooves you to understand them and work your life according to Law. It’s so much easier that way. ;-) They exist, just like the Law of Gravity exists. Even if you don’t believe in gravity, it’s still working… you’re not drifting away to the moon because you are here on Earth and we have gravity. Gravity is the law whether you understand it or not.

It happens, it exists, it’s there… 100% of the time. You are never without the experience of gravity, even if you don’t understand the mechanism behind how gravity works. 

This is the case with the Universal Laws. They’re working all the time, but most of us were never given any understanding of it, so life became mysterious and we never really understood how it worked… making up our own interpretations and strategies as we went! But once you get a foundational understanding of what the Laws of Success are, you can create your life to work with them instead of swimming upstream against them. 

This is part of how you start living with ease and grace… how you start living in such a way where you start experiencing ease and abundance in your life, without all the noise, the challenges, and the crazymaking. You understand how the world works and then start making conscious choices to be in alignment with that instead of working at counter purposes.

In today’s Unstoppable Blueprint, I want to speak to one of these Laws and how I’ve used it to create incredible quantum leaps in my life and business over the years!


The Law of Sacrifice

In order to have more, we have to become more. We can’t stay at the same level of awareness, skills, capacity, or mindset… growth requires that something changes, which means letting go of the things that no longer work and bringing in more of the things that do work. 

The Law of Sacrifice says that you have to give up something of a lower nature to receive something of a higher nature. 

This can look like many things:

  • Leaving a relationship that’s no longer aligned. Sometimes that’s a romantic partnership, sometimes that’s friendships, sometimes it’s a work association and sometimes, yes, that’s family… whatever the case, the relationship is no longer supporting your highest good. It detracts from your ability to grow and live out your full potential. Recognizing that you must sacrifice a relationship is not about making someone else wrong, it’s about choosing to surround yourself with people who are a vibrational match—both for where you’re at as well as where you’re trying to go!
  • Replacing systems, software, or team at the next level. The more you grow, the better support you need in BOTH your life and business. That may mean replacing team members or upgrading the software and hardware you use. Or, in some cases, it means hiring in the first place! Going from doing all the housework yourself to hiring a personal assistant, cleaning person, or gardener! Sacrificing the thing of a lower nature in this regard often means sacrificing something or someone that isn’t operating efficiently or is taking more energy than it’s worth… when you replace it with something or someone of a higher nature, you free up more time and energy!
  • Tossing all your ratty old bras and underwear. Yep, I said it. This might be clothing, shoes, home decor, your bedspread, or any other material items that aren’t of a higher vibrational nature. You don’t have to toss (or donate or recycle) everything at once if it’s not financially viable, but the items we surround ourselves with, the things we wear, and the home we live in has an impact on our vibrational level and how we feel!! If you’re trying to show up on a whole new level and attract higher-paying clients, that next level partnership, or more visibility opportunities, but you’re wearing holey underwear from 2005, you’re not going to be showing up as fully aligned as you need to be. ;-)
  • Letting go of outdated or limiting beliefs. Oftentimes we continue tolerating things of a lower nature because of our belief systems in place. We don’t believe we’re ready, deserving, good enough, etc. to have bigger and better… or we have beliefs like “people who make a lot of money are evil and greedy” that keep us caught in a double bind. No matter how hard we work at making more, we’ll sabotage our success because of that deeper belief or story!! You have to identify and let go of those old and outdated beliefs or stories about yourself, other people, and how the world works and replace them with a new belief structure that SUPPORTS what you’re working to create.
  • Choosing new ways of spending your time and money. These are big ones. You can tell what your values are by looking at your calendar and your bank statement. If you’re saying you don’t have enough time… then look at your calendar and see what people, places, or experiences you’re spending time on that needs to be sacrificed to make room for something of a higher nature like education, attending a live event, joining a mastermind, or taking a program to uplevel your business. Same thing with money. Can’t afford any of those things? Look at how you’re spending your money every month and what can be sacrificed in order to invest in bigger and better ways… AND, in the things that will help you have MORE TIME and make MORE MONEY!!
  • Adjusting your expectations. What are you expecting to happen? Are you expecting that you will get what you desire? Or are you expecting it to be a struggle? Oftentimes we hold subconscious expectations that derail our progress and cause us to stop or self-sabotage. If you’re holding an expectation of something being a struggle, that’s something you’re going to have to sacrifice in order to create new results.
  • Changing your thoughts. What are the thoughts that are running on a loop in your mind day after day, and are they productive? Do they help move you in the direction of where you want to go, or do they hold you back? It’s important to bring awareness to your thoughts so that you can STOP THINKING ones that aren’t helpful or productive… for example, if you’re always thinking things like, “I’m so busy, I don’t have enough time, I’ll never get it done” then that’s the reality you’re going to create. Instead, release those thoughts and choose better ones, such as “I get all things done with ease and grace.”This also ties into visualization. What are you envisioning throughout the day? When you daydream or when you imagine things happening or not happening? What are the mental images that take up a majority of your thoughts? What do you need to be visualizing in order to create the outcomes you desire??

The key with The Law of Sacrifice is… what are you going to replace it with? Nature abhors a vacuum, which means that if you remove something from your life and you’re not clear that you’re replacing it with something of a higher nature, you’re likely going to fill that space with the old beliefs, things, people, and ways of being. 

You have to decide what you’re replacing it with and act on that immediately and consistently so that you don’t go back to how things were before! 

Where I’ve had to live in alignment with The Law of Sacrifice in my own life and business…

I want to share a few real-life examples of how I live in alignment with this Law myself, because it can be incredibly nuanced and require a lot of discernment.

  • Ending my marriage. Oy! This was a BIG ONE and something that I get asked about A LOT. I spent some serious stage time at the last Unstoppable Woman Summit speaking to this and I feel it’s important to share about it because women often worry that growing into more might mean they have to leave their partner. The truth is… you might! But then again… you may not. There’s no “one size fits all” for this. For me, as I grew into more, let go of certain tolerations and beliefs, and began upleveling different aspects of my life and becoming the woman I wanted to be, it became apparent that my ex-husband and I weren’t on the same page. That didn’t mean he was wrong or I was wrong, it just meant that we were no longer able to grow together. There are also many examples of women who are able to grow into more WITH their partners, it just depends on the relationship and the parties involved. Real talk: this was the BEST decision for us BOTH. We had lots of positive discussion around it and were able to move forward with separating very amicably!! I needed to sacrifice my marriage in order to create the life I wanted, build my business how I envisioned, and step into a far more fulfilling and aligned partnership (AND start having the best sex of my life!!!) That said, I am not advocating divorce as some sort of relationship panacea.
  • Letting go of the wrong hires. Over the years I’ve had several experiences of hiring the wrong people… whether that’s contractors, agencies, or employees. For example, last year we brought on a Marketing Manager that we were stoked about!! The energy seemed aligned, all the boxes were checked, and it seemed like it was going to go swimmingly!! But, almost immediately I began seeing signs that it wasn’t going to work out. Little cues here and there. But, instead of letting the person go, I kept giving the benefit of the doubt. The reality is, I needed to sacrifice a way of being: second guessing myself and my intuition. I knew almost immediately that it wasn’t going to work, yet I wanted it to work SO badly that I kept this person on for a few more weeks longer than I needed to!
  • Releasing my automatic shame response. This is a biggie with so many women… feeling shame around being wrong or bad, not being good/smart/whatever enough, or making mistakes and getting things wrong. It becomes so insidious that we don’t even see the shame or how it causes us to STOP going after what we want! And it’s a very nuanced thing to work on. I’ve been releasing my automatic shame responses in layers over the years… the more I grow, the more layers come up to work through. It’s a great example of how sometimes the Law of Sacrifice is a process that requires persistence and practice over time. We have to make a new choice over and over again that “no, that’s not me anymore.” Replacing it with a new belief structure that declares resolutely, “this is who I am now.”When it comes to replacing belief structures or shame responses and core wounding, there’s a very important distinction to make… many people poo-poo affirmations because they believe it’s like telling yourself a lie. But really, affirmations work when we’ve excised the big lie (limiting belief, fear, shame, old way of being) so that when you say the affirmation (“I’m worthy”) it has someplace to land and take root.
  • Looking at the RESULTS. I do this with myself and with my clients. If I say I want something and I’m not getting the result I desire, then I have to take an honest look at what’s missing. Is it a different set of beliefs? Is it a new way of being? Is it a new action? Or is it that I’m not supported by the right people, systems, or processes? Do I need to invest my money in a different way or restructure how I spend my time? Looking at the gap in your results will show you what you need to sacrifice… again, the key is knowing what you’re going to replace it with so that you don’t fall back into old habits and patterns!!


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When you’re really going for it… building your empire, defining your destiny, and playing a much bigger game… you must bring ALL of yourself, your greatness and your creative power, to the table and not back down. You must take new and different actions, think more productive thoughts, and create a belief structure that’s fully aligned with where you’re going.

You have to constantly step into places, spaces, relationships, experiences, and ways of being of a higher nature… which means discerning when and what you need to sacrifice and getting the support and accountability you need to see it through. Otherwise, you’re limiting yourself… and limiting the full expression of who you really are directly limits your ability to quantum leap your income and your life. It keeps you trapped in fear, going slow, and making incremental progress.

That’s not what I want for you. :-)

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