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Growth Mindset Avoids Procrastination

A Growth Mindset Avoids Procrastination

By Amira Alvarez

So you want more. You have a growth mindset and big goals for yourself and your business in the coming months, and youre driven to achieve it all in 2022.

Emotionally and mentally, you’re all in.

But then you get distracted.

It starts with one ‘off’ day. Maybe you sit down to tackle your new task, then you think to yourself… I really should finish staining the deck while it isn’t raining.

Or you plan to spend a morning knocking out some big to-do’s for a new marketing initiative… only to check the clock and realize that morning’s over, and all you did is get lost in email.

Before you know it, it’s become a pattern.

It’s so easy to fall into the trap of doing what we know how to do – what we’re already successful at doing – instead of taking the new, needle-moving actions we know we need to focus on to grow and scale.

There’s a reason I can recite this pattern like the back of my hand. This used to be my go-to pattern. And I know this is extraordinarily common, because I hear about it from my clients all the time.

It’s called productive procrastination.

Why So Many People Fall for Productive Procrastination

Sure, it might sound a little better than plain old procrastination – the type where you’re laying on the couch mindlessly scrolling through your Facebook feed.

But here’s the rub: when you procrastinate in the “normal” way, you almost always realize it.

Productive procrastination, on the other hand… it’s sneaky. It is not a growth mindset you need as an entrepreneur.

If you’re not careful, you hardly ever realize when you’ve fallen into its trap.

That’s because on the surface, you’re getting a ton done! But in reality, you’re keeping busy while avoiding what really needs doing in your business.

What have you done this with in the past? Blog posts? Financial reports? Emailing your list?

Once you recognize what you’re doing, you can consciously choose to redirect your activity.

What’s one thing you can do today to steer clear of this sneaky trap—and focus on the needle-moving actions required to grow your business?

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