The Queen of 98%

By Amira Alvarez

At our most recent Income Breakthrough Summit, one attendee made a comment that really stuck with me. She had a breakthrough where she realized that she is “the queen of 98%” – the queen of just staying in that range that’s good, even great, but not extraordinary and not going to that next level.

Can you relate to this? Be honest here. Day to day you might find that you’re doing a lot, but if you’re busy doing what you’re already successful at doing (instead of doing the needle-moving actions that stretch you)… then we’ve got a problem!

It’s time to free yourself from being a victim of your own unmet expectations. Get out of your comfort zone and go for greatness!

What To Listen For

  • The definition of an ‘Unstoppable’ woman [5:07]
  • The truth about your potential [5:18]
  • Should you get comfortable with the feeling of disappointment? [10:57]
  • Go for your goals and gain confidence! [18:30]


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