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A Look At My Evolution (It’s Pretty Wild!!)

By Amira Alvarez

Just last week I reopened access to my flagship program, which I haven’t offered in some time. Because it was a relatively last-minute decision (and since I practice what I preach and take FAST action on Spirit-led guidance), I had to use the old sales page.

The BEST part about this old sales page?


They’re great photos. Professionally shot… a variety of great poses… all in my brand colors… but when I look at those images I can’t help but wonder, who is that woman?!

Then yesterday my marketing person and I logged into the membership dashboard to review some program content… and she immediately exclaimed, “it’s like a snapshot of your evolution!”

Wild! :-)

Each photo is an authentic representation of who I was at the time… and yet, I hardly recognize myself in some of those older photos.

Why? Because I’ve evolved.

Evolution is a necessary and essential part of life, especially with business.

If you’re not growing, you’re dying. That’s a Universal truth.

But you can’t continually grow if you’re not tuned into Spirit and able to open and receive guidance. You can’t evolve if you’re not willing to sacrifice old, outdated, lower vibration aspects of yourself, your work, your relationships, and your life in order to call in something greater. Something more aligned with who you’re becoming as you expand.

I’ve grown immensely in just the last couple of years alone.

I’ve grown my business, team, revenue, and client base tremendously. I’ve expanded my reach and impact as I begin to get on stages and get my message in front of more people. I’ve upleveled my relationships, lifestyle, home, health, and wardrobe.

All because I stay open and receptive to those Spirit-led nudges.

And more so because I take action on that guidance quickly.

Even if it means blasting out an old sales pages with photos of myself I don’t even recognize. ;-)

I’m the same person BUT I’ve evolved.

So today I want you to ask yourself, how deeply do you desire to grow and evolve, and in what ways specifically? Then take a moment to tune in and open so that you can receive guidance around what’s next in order to make that happen.

Most importantly… act QUICKLY.

Right when you receive it, however you can. Don’t put it off.

Keep taking clear, focused, Spirit-led actions so that you can keep evolving too.


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