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The Most Fatal Thing For Your Business

By Amira Alvarez

Lack of CLARITY can be fatal for your business.

Worse, it can lead to burnout and anxiety, which will also derail you from your dreams.

The biggest bummer about all this? It’s unnecessary.

There’s no reason for you to be operating in your business without clarity.

Yet, that’s the biggest place I see women business owners stopping themselves.

They don’t realize it though, because it often looks like…

  • Getting ready to get ready, endlessly.
  • Doing more research on what the ‘right’ next step is.
  • Stressing out about money and cash flow.
  • Feeling confused about what next step to take.
  • Asking for everyone’s opinion rather than trusting yourself.

So what’s the solution?


Focus, focus, focus.

Did I say focus? ;-)

Focus allows you to avoid getting spun out by the noise in your head (the stress, fears, stories, and beliefs), as well as the external circumstances that like to crop up and give our subconscious mind something to distract us with (unexpected bills, our computer breaking, missing our flight, etc).

Focus gives us an anchor. A space to place our attention so that we KNOW we’re moving forward towards our goals no matter what’s going on inside or outside of us.

But you have to know WHAT to focus on for this to work, which requires clarity.

How do you get clarity?

Ask yourself what you want.

  • What is your big vision or juicy goal?
  • What is the number one thing that will move you towards it?
  • Making more sales? Being more visible on social media? Creating more content?

(Hint: sales should always be at the top of that list if you’re interested in increasing your income.)

Choose the thing that will move the needle and FOCUS on that.

Ready? Great, rock it out!

Not sure? Let’s chat.

Either way, take steps forward TODAY.

You can do this.


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