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About Me

By Amira Alvarez

Hey friends! ????

With The Unstoppable Woman garnering so many new followers on social media, I figured it was high time to reintroduce myself, so that those of you who are new have a solid handle on who “Amira Alvarez” is, and what makes me and what we’re doing with The Unstoppable Woman unique!

While I’m a seasoned business and success coach who can talk about all things marketing, team, sales, systems, and the strategies required to make your Income Breakthrough, whether in your own business or working in a company… that’s not what makes me unique.

What makes me unique is my strong stance that EVERYONE has the potential for greatness… but that in order to actualize it we have to take focused, consistent, unstoppable action to move through our blocks, grow ourselves, and step into who we know ourselves to be. To really step into our FULL potential, we must break through our fears and limitations.

Only then do we become truly free.

And the first step to freedom is mastering income generation.
Money touches EVERYTHING in our lives… and if you’re constrained by not having enough money to live out your purpose, potential, and life you will always feel trapped. No bueno!! ????

You’ll find that I ground my teaching in the truths of Universal Law and I bring these spiritual laws to life in a tangible, practical way that elevates everything else I teach.
None of this is “magical thinking”! ????

It’s simply a set of processes, practices, mindset shifts, and tools that women need to learn in order to create what they desire. I have a keen ability to laser in on where women are blocked IMMEDIATELY, and I tell them the truth without shame or judgement. I’m committed to radical truth-telling because I know that in order to get better results you need to be held to a higher standard. NO MORE playing small!

When I make the bold claim that you can “quantum leap your income” or “make your life a work of art,” I’m able to do that because I’ve helped so many women do just that and I have a PROVEN process that makes it possible. More importantly, I practice what I preach 100% of the time—always holding myself to higher standards and following my own ‘More Life’ directive.

So that’s me! ❤️

I can’t wait to get to know you too!


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