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If You Want Different Results, You Need To Be Coachable At Every Level

By Amira Alvarez

Okay, here’s the problem:

  • You’re super smart.
  • You work really hard.
  • You know a lot.
  • You’ve had some level of success.

And yet, if you look at your results, you’re not where you want to be.

Ask me how I know. ;)

Several years ago I thought I was all that and more. I thought I had all the answers and that I knew what to do. And in some ways I did… I’d studied quite a bit about what goes into success, I’d worked really hard, and I was out there every day with a strong work ethic, doing my work.

I was doing pretty well, don’t get me wrong. And yet, I wasn’t.

When I looked at my results, I wasn’t where I wanted to be… whether it was with my income, my health and how I looked, how I was growing my business, what kind of team I had, how many people I was helping, my relationships… the whole nine yards!

I was like, “if I’m so smart, why don’t I have the success that I want? Why have I not reached the potential I know inside that I was made for more?”

Here’s the thing: I had to get really clear that I STILL needed help to see what I wasn’t seeing for myself.

You don’t have to deny your intelligence, how far you’ve come, your great attitude, or everything that’s really awesome in your life to recognize that you want more and you actually need help making it happen.

I needed to become coachable. This is something I continue to work on with myself every single day, because I’m still going for more. If I want a $10 million or $50 million business, and I’m not there yet, do I sit here and denigrate myself and say, “I’m not there yet and I suck”? 


But I do say to myself, “Okay, who am I going to learn from? How am I going to get help?”

If I want different results, I need to be coachable at every level.

If you want to grow to the next level, you have to consistently ask yourself, are you coachable in this moment? Are you cutting off support? Are you making yourself feel wrong about not knowing something already, and therefore shutting the door on learning? Or are you ready to go for more and become truly unstoppable, by becoming coachable and getting help?

I just got back from a Tony Robbins event. I was struck by all his clients… Serena Williams, Bill Clinton, the titans of Wall Street… If you think you’ve made it and don’t need a coach, just look at what successful people do. They get coached. Even Tony does.



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