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Do You Have A Fear Of Success?

By Amira Alvarez

We hear a lot of talk about the fear of failure. In fact, it’s a big reason many people never get moving around their business goals, or take the steps to quantum leap their income.

But what about fear of success?

Fear of getting exactly what we desire?

Fear of “making it big” and having an impact?

Fear of creating the high level of income we want?

Fear of success is a tricky one, because it doesn’t show up as directly as fear of failure. Most people who have a fear of succeeding don’t actually know that’s the driving factor.

It shows up as distraction, procrastination, avoidance. It feels like overwhelm and the belief that we can’t handle what comes along with the success we claim we want… we worry that “we’ll drop the ball, it will be too much work, it will cause more problems,” etc.

It also manifests in physical ways, such as exhaustion and fatigue… (ask me how I know!!)

It’s subconscious and there are MANY subtle ways this shows up. 

There’s also a specific way to figure out if YOU have a fear of success.

You have to start by looking at where you STOP yourself. 

When you start thinking about your big, juicy goal, what happens? 

Do you get tired? Do you feel overwhelmed? Are you resistant to taking the actions you need to take, getting lost in the laundry or other things that aren’t ‘move the needle’ steps?

Or does it show up as procrastination, always doing research and getting ready to get ready?

You have to start by getting HONEST with yourself about your results, and taking a closer look at all the subtle ways you stop yourself from moving forward towards what you want.

When you dig into this, what shows up for you, NAME?

How are you stopping yourself?

And are you ready to get over your fear of success? Really, truly?

If so, email us and let me know what you uncovered and what you’re committing to changing about how you show up. I would love to know and help hold you accountable. :-)



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