You know what’s not sexy about business?

Exhaustion, indecision, not being truly seen as the brilliant, powerful woman that you are.

Master the Inner and Outer Game of Business

Decoding the Lived Experience of A Rich Life

By Amira Alvarez

Most of us dream, then deny and never actually claim our rich life, that which we truly desire. 

It seems unattainable or for someone else, not us. An editorial on the page of a magazine, a story we’ve read, a fantasy that calls us but is distant. 

We fall into it for a moment, dreaming, then denying… We say to ourselves, at the level of murmur, almost imperceptibly… We are not that woman. 

Or are we?

If the desire is felt, the supply is ready to appear. 

This is the Truth. The Law. Your desires are ready to appear. You are that woman.

Yet most women limit their power and deny what they are worthy of receiving.

  • How do we unfold life in a different way than our conditioned past would hold us to? 
  • How do we open the door of possibility long enough to make manifest what we truly want rather than what we’ve been limiting ourselves to? 
  • How do we receive all the beauty and truth that is ours as women?

It’s about getting out of the way and surrendering to all that life is offering to you. But that’s harder than it sounds. 

At every turn, there’s some kind of challenge that causes us to constrict and go back to the old way of pushing, striving, and forcing.

That’s the way that’s gotten us here. It’s the known. It’s trustable to some extent, but it doesn’t feel so good. You’ve got to admit that.

If you really want to tap into your power as a woman to live a truly wealthy life, you must step into the unknown and try a different way.  

And this is where a level of honesty with yourself comes in: What is your more? 

You’ve probably already achieved a level of success and status that you’re proud of. 

You’re probably already making pretty good money, and that’s not the thing that’s at your core, driving you.

You’ve probably already got so much.

But there’s more, right?

There’s something missing, something more that you’re wanting.

When you think about this, do me a favor, and don’t go into that old pattern of defending your achievements or cutting yourself down by saying, what I’ve done or who I’m being is not enough

That used to be enough to motivate you.

But that’s scarcity and fear talking and you know you’re ready for a different way. 

A way that’s gentler, kinder, and works with more grace.

A way that delivers without blowing out your nervous system, or leaving you lackluster and unmotivated.

A way that delights and includes all of you, even those little girl parts, the spirit that can’t be suppressed, that so wants to be fully realized in this world.   


Then it’s time to have a LIVED EXPERIENCE of a truly rich life.

I’m so excited for the unfolding. More soon.

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