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Do You Know How Much You’re Worth?

By Amira Alvarez

Do you know how much you’re worth?

One of the places most women struggle with their sales conversation is around pricing.

Both in knowing how much to charge and asking for the sale with ease.

When you don’t know your worth, you avoid the money piece until asked, and when you do reply you feel wobbly and uncomfortable. You hem and haw, fumble around with the numbers, and sometimes even invalidate yourself before you hear what they have to say.

You know those moments. The ones where you lay out the cost and then quickly go on to say, “but if that’s too expensive we can always [insert whatever you say to discount your offering].”

There are many different reasons why we do this, including:

  • We don’t know why we priced ourselves where we did
  • We’re not confident in our ability to solve their problem effectively
  • We have imposter syndrome and wonder, “who am I to actually help people?”
  • We hear a critical voice in our head that doesn’t belong to us (it belongs to mom or dad or some important figure that told us we weren’t good enough along the way)
  • We have issues and beliefs around money and wealth that hold us back
  • We hold limiting beliefs around “sales” and “marketing” bring gross or sleazy


All of these come back to KNOWING and OWNING your worth. 

Knowing and owning your ability to really serve and support people in all the ways you’re most called, equipped, and experienced to do so.

Knowing and owning the value of what you provide, and how vastly that impacts someone’s life, work, relationships, or health.

So tell me, where do you get tripped up? What is the feeling you have around asking for money or talking about your prices? What is the story or belief? Why do you avoid, hem and haw, or immediately discount and invalidate your worth?

And most importantly… why don’t you charge enough not to be stressed out or worried about money?

Really take a moment to sit with these questions.

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