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The Subtle Way Confusion Sabotages Our Success

By Amira Alvarez

Confusion is one of the common ways I see people sabotaging their success.

Being unclear about what actions they need to be taking next, feeling indecisive about opportunities and obligations, spinning out on how to use new programs or technology, or getting lost in the rabbit hole of ‘research’ around things like marketing strategy.

These things leave us frazzled and frantic, never really getting anything done.

But there’s another way confusion sabotages success that you might not realize and it comes down to this:

A confused business owner doesn’t sell.

A confused buyer doesn’t buy.

This is an easy place to get hung up without realizing it. I sometimes have to remind myself (yes, myself!!) when launching new offerings of this truth… 

As a salesperson, business owner, and creator of the product or service itself, I absolutely have to ensure two things:

1) I’m clear on what I’m offering, the results and benefits I’m promising, how I’m going to provide those, and the true value of what it is that I’m selling.

2) I’m clearly communicating what I’m selling, I’m directly addressing my prospect’s pain points and objections, and I’m making the process of as CLEAR and EASY as possible.

It seems straightforward enough, but when we don’t do the work to properly position ourselves and make sure our message and offer is on point, we often create confusion without realizing it!!

When you get honest with yourself about this… where are you feeling confusion around your own offerings? And where you’re likely creating confusion for your buyers? Are you really able to speak about you do clearly and effectively so that your client “gets it”?

Is the message you’re trying to communicate clear? Does it represent you and what you stand for in the world? Can you proudly and confidently shout it from the proverbial rooftops?

If not, you need to step out of confusion and get clear on your messaging so that you can market effectively.

My message is that you don’t have to move slowly, that you can close the gap and create what you want in life so much quicker than you ever imagined. Does it take effort? Absolutely! But isn’t your extraordinary life worth it? Let’s not settle for average. Let’s not settle for limited, small, or constrained. Let’s go for true freedom… emotional and financial freedom…fully confident in your ability to make money and thrive in this world, actualizing your purpose and potential, and making your impact. The time is now… because your life is made up of years, of months, of days. Days are the building blocks of your life. Every day that you let slip by not growing into your bigness is a day lost to smallness. Don’t let that happen.  

Even though I’ve been in business for years EVERY TIME I grow to the next level I have to do this kind of clarity work. If you don’t, you just slow down your progress You get lost in the confusion… and that’s a terrible place to be…. Because a confused customer doesn’t buy and and confused business owner doesn’t sell… which equates to what? Slow, low, or non-existent income!!

Don’t let that happen to you! :)

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