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Does your business problem look like a mountain blocking your way to success?

By Amira Alvarez

There’s a mountain in your way and success is on the other side of it.


That mountain?

Any number of the thousand trillion problems that may arise when you’re running your own business.

(Sorry, that’s just how it is. In life too. Daaaamn.)

There will always be problems. Business problems.

We can call them challenges or issues to soften the edges… but really?

Right now it’s feeling like a damn mountain in your way to success. I get it.

Yet every business will run into problems… supply chain problems, employee problems, content creation problems, design problems, cash flow problems, time management problems, admin problems, and marketing problems… just to name a few.

You’re not alone. That’s part of doing business.

And you know what? As you grow, as you create more, as you do more in the world… you will face new and varied problems. They don’t go away. (But you may have more fun with them and may start seeing them as opportunities.)

Since business and growth come with new and varied problems, the trick is figuring out how to face and solve problems.

The trick is turning that proverbial mountain into a molehill.

It doesn’t help to rally against the mountain, fist in the air.

Okay, maybe it helps a little to vent.

But it won’t solve your problem.

You need to go into problem-solving mode.

In fact, it’s YOUR JOB.

You need to look at the problem and solve it. Again and again.

It’s your responsibility as a business owner.

How you solve your problem depends on you and the problem itself.

What I know for sure is that it takes…

1) Getting clear about what the problem is and how it’s related to what you’re doing or not doing.

2) Getting clear on what deeply patterned beliefs are keeping you from taking problem-solving action and attending to those.

3) Taking action to solve it.

I’m also 100% certain it’s NOT your intelligence that’s stopping you.

Ask yourself, what’s the problem? Get clear on what that is. Then break it down to it’s essential core by asking WHY.

Relate it back to YOU. Take personal responsibility. This is ultimately where your agency and problem-solving abilities comes from.

Do you have a belief about the situation that’s keeping you from seeing the solution?

For instance, if your problem is… I don’t have enough clients.

Then ask yourself… WHY?

If your answer is… Because people don’t know that they need my help. Ask “why?” again.

If your answer is… Because I haven’t told them. Ask “why?” again.

If your answer is… Because I don’t know what to say or where to say it. Ask “why?” again.

If your answer is… Because every time I think about it, I get blocked. Ask “why?” again.

If your answer is… Because I’m worried about offending someone, not saying or doing the right thing, wasting money. Ask “why?” again.

If your answer is… Because I believe I don’t know enough, that I’m not enough yet, etc. This is where you need to do the work.

You’re problem may be different, but the PROCESS is the same.

The answers are not out there. They’re within you. Do you see all those “I” statements?

Ultimately, you need to identify the belief that is stopping you and attend to it, so you can get into problem-solving action.

Rally. The power is in you.




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