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Steadily grow your business with elephant steps

By Amira Alvarez

Recently I’ve been talking A LOT about elephant steps.

Elephant steps?

These are the steady steps that get you from here to there.

Where’s there?

There is across that vast savannah… what seems like an insurmountable distance to cross.

There is where you want to end up in your business in 6 months, in a year, in 5 years.

It seems SO FAR TO GO. Yet you have a dream.

You know where you want to be going. You have a direction. (Even if it’s just a money or life style goal.)


To get you THERE, you need to focus on (and know) the very next step in front of you in the HERE AND NOW… what you need to be doing NOW. (Not tomorrow, or next week, or next month, or next year. And certainly, not 5 years from now.)

This is something I see that messes up the business growth and flow for a lot of women. It’s jumping ahead of themselves, at least in their minds, and thinking that they need to do everything now.

Or thinking that they need to be further along then they are.

Or thinking about the things that come later…

Yet, they haven’t done the basics. They haven’t gotten done what’s in front of them right now that absolutely needs to get done… first.

What is this first thing? What is this one basic Elephant Step?

Well, it’s different for everyone.

But you can tell if you’re taking an Elephant Step by how it feels.

It will feel basic. (As opposed to elaborate.)

It will feel steady. (As opposed to scattered or shaky.)

It might feel challenging. (But it won’t overwhelm you.)

It’s YOUR very next growth step. It’s the very next way YOU stretch yourself.

Maybe a little out of your comfort zone. But never scattered.

If you’re getting pulled in many different directions… you’re NOT taking an Elephant Step.

Pull back. Re-focus. Do one thing.

Combine a series of “ONE THINGS” over time and you’ll look up and realize you’ve traveled a long way across the savannah of your business.

You’ll wake up with your website complete, your program launched, your practice filled with new clients, or a gazillion sales of your beautiful widget.

You’ll wake up an expert, a leader, a teacher… you’ll wake up touching and helping loads of people.

And you’ll be astounded.

This is how to steadily grow your business without making yourself crazy.

Yet, it takes you putting one foot in front of another. Knowing what to do next. And actually doing it. (Not just thinking about it.)

So your action today is to: Take your ELEPHANT STEP.

Take the very next step you need to take. Not the step that’s in the future. But the one that’s in the here and now with your business.

Take that step. As small as it seems, it will move you forward.

You will steadily grow your business.

And you’ll be surprised how quickly.

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