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Embracing Growth: 2024’s Habits of Presence, Gratitude, and Connection

By Amira Alvarez

Last year I really worked on creating some beautiful manifestations. This required building new habits.

Dare I say that one of them was meditating every day? 

I know, I know. If you’re not in the meditation habit, it feels impossible.

But the effort is so worthwhile and unleashes whole worlds of possibility.

This year the habits I’m creating are a jumping off point from this practice.

They are habits of presence and connection.

Some are simple and just require a bit of discipline, while others are going to require a bigger investment in myself of time and attention.

Here’s my list…

  1. Eating lunch without working.

    This is a simple one but my desire to maximize my time always seems to hook me back to the phone or the iPad while I’m eating lunch. What I truly desire is a full and complete break that allows my eyes to relax and my nervous system to reset. When I do this, my energy for everything soars. 

  2. Releasing the mental noise around food.

    I don’t know about you but I’ve been having a somewhat unhealthy conversation in my head about food since I was probably 7 years old. What gives on that? I’m so done with it. I’m ready to fully release this and stop letting it take up space in my head. This is one of those habits that is going to take some serious discipline.

  3. Transitioning out of the work day with a walk.

    I do this many days but not all days. It’s such a great transition for me. Although I love  a glass of wine, I realized years ago that it was so easy to use it as a daily de-stressor. Getting outside with the pup (and sometimes the man) is so refreshing and is one of those “ticks multiple boxes” habits: transition from work to evening, fresh air and sunlight, connection with nature, exercise, and connection.

  4. No rushing, scramble, or waiting until the last moment.

    I’ve made GREAT progress on this but still find myself on occasion waiting to make that cup of tea until the last minute and then being late to a team meeting. Or trying to get one last thing done and then needing to rush to the appointment. So. Done. With. This. Which leads to…

  5. Ease and grace in day to day living.

    This too I do mostly well and then I find myself reverting back to trying to fit too much into my day. The habit here is consciously paring back and setting fewer appointments or expectations for the day. And as you’d imagine, I actually get more quality work done, with more spaciousness. 

  6. Giving more. Loving more.

    How can I give today? How can I love today? These are two simple questions I plan to ask myself every day. This is giving and loving unconditionally, without any expectation of reciprocation. This is giving and loving even if no one knows or notices. This is giving and loving in small and large ways. Just writing this feels amazing.

  7. Daily gratitude and appreciation.

    I’m regularly reminded of how powerful gratitude and appreciation are. Whenever I go on a rampage of appreciation, whether it’s first thing in the morning, before I go to bed at night, or when driving in the car… my vibration rises. It connects me with how awe-inspiring life is.

  8. Aligning with my soul.

    This one ought to be simple but all the conditioning of life sure does get in the way. What I know is that when I tune in, listen, and follow my soul’s guidance, I am so much happier. Raising my ability to translate its message and calibrate my thoughts and actions with its direction is where the big payoff is going to come from.

  9. Stacking days of high vibration.

    Not letting anything take me off my game to lower my vibration. That’s a high bar, but the desire I have. This is going to require an even higher level of presence and attention to my thinking and my feelings than I already have and an unrelenting insistence that I feel good no matter what.

  10. More sexy fun and flirtation.

    ‘Cause I love feeling this connection with my man. ‘Cause life’s too short not to feel lit up. ‘Cause sexual energy is creative life force energy and staying tapped in is plain and simple a conduit for more positive flow in your life.

Those are my top 10 habits that I’m building stronger in 2024. I’m so excited about these. I can feel them coming into being with so much ease and grace and it feels exquisite. 

What about you? What habits are you building? 


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