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How to create and repurpose content… The Unstoppable Blueprint!

By Amira Alvarez

Someone recently asked me how I manage to create SO MUCH content, so I wanted to create an Unstoppable Blueprint on exactly how we do that!

If you’ve noticed, we’ve really been stepping up our game across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and beyond… and I even started a personal challenge to create 809 unique pieces of content by the end of the year… and wowza, I’ve already done 142 in less than a month!!

This is a crazy big STRETCH GOAL for me… it seems almost impossible. I don’t yet know how I’m going to reach this goal but I’m committed and I’ve started even before “I’m ready.”

See… I know without a shadow of a doubt is that it doesn’t serve me (or my clients, or you for that matter) to wait until I’m ready and I know how to do everything first. You don’t learn and grow, much less reach your targets “getting ready to get ready.” That’s not how master level creation of income or anything big happens.

This goal is forcing me to get creative, stretch myself, and move beyond my personal comfort level about what I share and how much time I spend doing it. Turns out, I’m getting more done in less time!!

That’s the fascinating thing about STRETCH GOALS–they allow you to bend time!!

Stretch goals are something we’ll be talking about more at The Income Breakthrough Summit because they’re fundamental to what helps you make big leaps, maximize your time, and MOVE FORWARD RAPIDLY!! 

I’m using the “cookie jar technique”–moving a bead from one jar to the next to visually track my progress with this goal. As you can see, I have a long way to go! :-)

Today I want to break down what we do on the regular with content creation so that YOU can move through your own blocks and start creating more content as well.

First, what kind of content are we talking about?  

Well… all kinds!! That’s what’s great about content, it can be REPURPOSED and REUSED in different ways across different places!! Which is exactly what my team and I have been working to streamline. Primarily, we’re going to be talking about what we share digitally, but be thinking about how you could work with the concept of repurposing content offline as well. The ways to leverage what you’re already doing are endless!


Let’s look at the different types of content we create and how we leverage it:

  • Facebook lives: I try to get myself on a regular schedule, but usually these are done when I have time and am inspired… after working with a private client, leading a group coaching call, having a meeting with my team, doing my morning ritual, or getting back from one of my runs (where I get some of my best ideas!!)… I’ll grab my phone or pop open my laptop and do a live video to share my thoughts and insights on Facebook.

    Once I’m done, I’ll ping my team and they’ll work on getting captions for the video, as well as a full transcription of what I’ve shared. That way we can take the transcript and edit it into a written post to use on social media at a different time! The written post isn’t just a transcription-we do some serious editing to make sure it flows well and makes sense when you read it.

    We do this because some people read, while other people love video… this way we provide content to both audiences!

    Then we take the transcript and edit it into a blog post so that we’re able to share that content on our website as well. My team also downloads the video from Facebook and shares it to LinkedIn and as a IGTV video on @TheUnstoppableWoman instagram page. Additionally, we utilize a free service called ManyChat that allows us to send the video via messenger to our Facebook list! It’s another great way to connect and build our audiences. :-)

    Beyond that, the team creates bulleted timestamps that give a teaser about what I’m sharing in the video, then we upload it to YouTube. The teaser timestamps and YouTube video are sometimes added to our Saturday Mindset Reset emails so that people on our newsletter list get to see them. That’s a lot of reach for ONE piece of content!!
  • Video training series: Lately I’ve been creating a lot of new video series to share short teachings on a specific topic… things like moving through imposter syndrome, how to build a great team, and the keys to stepping into your greatness! While I’ve done these quickly and easily alone on my laptop, I’ve started bringing in my assistant to help me set up and record in my apartment using a tripod and a better microphone. (We’re still working through our equipment setup. I’m seeing a recording studio in my future! Speaking of seeing… I just did a series on The Power of Visualization. It’s a goodie!)

For these videos, I jot down what I want to talk about on my trusty yellow pad and then we film them all in a batch. Once they’re uploaded for the team, everyone gets to work! We get captions set, edit an intro and outro with a call to action if necessary, then post the videos to YouTube, IGTV on Instagram, and to my business Facebook page. In addition to the page, we also set up a Facebook ad set so we can use the content to engage with new audiences to get our message out on a much broader scale! We’re adding to our flow to post these videos to the blog as well, which will start very soon. :-) 

(Keep in mind that we’re creating more content now than what’s possible to send out via our newsletter, so you’re definitely going to want to subscribe to our YouTube Channel to get master level teaching on how to break through your blocks to playing big, rapid goal achievement, building your empire, and 6 or 7-figure income generation, as well as the mental aspects to success and rocking this journey in the most lit up, delightful way possible.)


  • Newsletters: When we write a teaching newsletter for our email list, we take that content and post it to the blog with a branded graphic. We’ll publish it on LinkedIn as an article for my connections there, and it gets added into our rotation of content to share on our Facebook business page on an ongoing basis. Not everyone sees things the first time, so we keep a rotation of content going. (We use Buffer for scheduling posts).

    We also take the content itself and post it to Facebook and Instagram as a new written post with an image a handful of weeks later. This way if you’re connected to me on social media, but not on my email list, you’ll still be able to see the content we’re putting out! This is a slightly edited version of the material that better fits these channels.
  • There’s so much more we could be doing as well. There’s Twitter and Pinerest, blog content distribution, and heck we could simply be posting our videos as straight up Vlogs on our website. It’s really endless. Our philosophy is to start where we’re at and kept growing quickly.

But with so much noise on social media, how do you stand out??

Let’s look at what it takes to create consistent, high-quality, high impact content…

  • My philosophy is this: always give your best stuff. Don’t hold back or worry that you’re “giving it all away for free.” You can’t have this mindset going into it, because GIVING is the first Law of Receiving!! Give, give, give. The reality is, I give a TON of powerful actionable content on social media, but of course it’s not the same as working with me in person. (That’s where the secret sauce is. ;-) Yes, you can take it, implement, and make huge strides forward… which I hope you do!! That’s why I put it out there. Go!

    Yet, I know and my clients know that there’s always going to be a different level of impact when we work together 1:1. It’s in the personal coaching that the blind spots that cause you to stop and self-sabotage are uncovered. Remember, the free content you put out will be valuable, but it’s never going to be the same as working directly with you, going through your program, or buying your products… so GIVE as much as you can!!
  • Find your own process. Figure out what works best for you… that might be pre-planning it all in advance… it might be batch creating a couple days a week to cover a full month… it might be scheduling different times to sit down and share something. For me, it’s a mix. We have a lot of things scheduled out based on our marketing and content calendar, or based on events and what we’re promoting… but I also do a ton of sharing on the fly!! A mix is usually best.
  • Stop doing it all yourself! When I first started, I did everything myself… but now, I hire out what’s not my zone of genius or the best use of my time so that I can stay focused on creating higher and higher levels of content. Sometimes we bring on outside copywriters to help us write our social media content, especially as we’re ramping up for things like the Summit or running Facebook ads to promote things… but I also have a couple people on my team who are able to write for me as well. They’ve learned my voice and style over time and are able to create solid drafts for me to review. I always READ AND EDIT and add my energy and “magic” sprinkles, making sure what I want is being clearly conveyed at all times!! I don’t just hand it off to someone else and say “you do it.” But I stopped doing everything myself. We also work with video editors when needed, and a couple of my team members jump in when necessary! This is definitely a place we are planning to scale. (Know anyone who wants a full time video editing and production job?? Send them our way!)
  • Keep scaling, keep going to the next level. This is honestly a point of tension for us right now, as we work to create more content and push it out across more of our channels. Our ideas are endless! We’re working to do a better job on YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter and have BIG PLANS in the works–but it’s far from perfect!! So for now we’re just repurposing content there, but we’re always pushing ourselves to stretch a bit further than we think our bandwidth will allow, and bring on more support as needed. We could definitely be doing better, creating a more polished look, and maximizing each channel, but for now, we’re just going for it. We’ll course correct as we go based on our experience.

    PLUS, I’m always pushing myself out of my comfort zone!! The truth is… it took me WAY TOO LONG to learn how to use Instagram, just ask my team! ;-) I was comfortable with Facebook, I didn’t understand the Insta interface, and I was resistant… but I pushed myself to learn so that I can keep up with what’s relevant for people right now. (If I’m truthful, I’m still way behind the curve here. Lol!)
  • Don’t worry about perfection. Just start. Make a fumbly first Facebook live, write something and get it out there, create some graphics using a free tool like Canva. Start, see what works and doesn’t, and adjust from there. There’s always room for improvement, but you won’t be able to do that if you haven’t started at all!!
  • Challenge yourself with these questions. I ask myself questions like, What do I really want to talk about? What do they really need to hear? How can I bring even more value? What would be most helpful to my ideal client? (And I actually see that person and think about her. I know who she is.)

    I also ask myself: What can I do now? What can I do quickly? How can I translate this idea that I just had into a post? What can I be doing better and how can we solve for that?

    It’s about always going for more and challenging yourself to new heights!!
  • Look at what others are doing, but be discerning. I’m never going to be anyone other than myself, but I often draw inspiration from other entrepreneurs, creators, and social media profiles. I see what’s working for others and I consider whether or not it might work for me and my audience. I try it out and see… if it works, great! If not, no biggie… now we know. :-) Be inspired by others, but keep doing YOU. Model what you’re drawn to, but don’t flat out copy it. Find your own unique way of doing something you like and make it work for YOU and your brand. This does take some trial and error, so you’ve got to start even before you’re ready.


How I determine what content to create and share.

What do you focus on when there are so many places to post and topics to consider?? I get it… it can be a lot. Let me share my process of determining what to share and where!


  • I pay attention and listen carefully. I’m always reading comments and responses, both on my pages and in my free Be Unstoppable Facebook group. I also see what big takeaways and teaching points have the most impact on group coaching calls and working with my private clients. I make content that meets the needs of my audience!! I answer questions, respond to comments, or notice where there’s a gap for them in their growth and create something that helps them learn what they need to learn.

    Ask yourself this: What are the questions I’m always answering? Where are my clients and audience most often getting stuck? What are the best tools I have that can help people create changes right now? Now go create some content around it!!

    The 30-Day Commitment Challenge and the 7-Day Visibility Challenge came directly from listening to the challenges that that people were having.
  • I get divine downloads direct from Spirit. Mornings are my sacred time. I read, listen to trainings, write, and work… and oftentimes, that’s the time (as well as on my runs!!) when I get divine inspiration. I do my best to share that inspiration as quickly as I can as a written post or Facebook live so I don’t miss it! It’s come to me because this NEEDS to be shared! (I’d say that only 2% of what I could be sharing gets out there. There’s still so much room for expansion here!)
  • I ask questions. In my Facebook group, on my pages, in my emails. I ask what YOU want to know and learn, and then I create it!! Definitely click reply and tell me what you’d love for me to speak to.
  • I look at my marketing calendar. If we’re leading up to an event or free training, I work to align my content with what we’ll be sharing. I give a TON of VALUE (remember, giving is the first Law of receiving), but it encourages people who want to go deeper to take the next step… whatever that is. Register for the training, grab the free download, come to the Summit, or jump on a consultation call with me if you know you’re ready to take it to the next level. We try to follow the 80/20 rule. 80% content to 20% promotion! Balance is key. We haven’t always gotten this right and have learned by doing. #SuccessThroughMistakes #AllGood
  • I riff on ideas with my team and brainstorm what I could be talking about. My team works very closely with my clients and our social media audience, and they know my work… what better place to generate ideas for what we can share!? A good portion of our Monday morning marketing meetings revolve around this, but it happens randomly throughout the week as well! I run ideas past them or ask them what they think I should be speaking to, and we’re able to create some really quality content from it!

    On that note… would you be interested in some behind the scenes of my team meetings? We’ve been considering sharing snippets of what we talk about, how we problem solve, and as a sneak peek at everything we’re creating. Hit reply and let me know if so!! If enough people say yes, we’ll start doing this.


What will you take from this and apply to your content strategy?

How will you work to repurpose and reuse what you already have in new and different ways? 

What’s your first action step? 

Where will you get support so you’re not doing it all yourself? 

How will you commit to pushing yourself and being more visible? 

And how will you GIVE, GIVE, GIVE first and foremost?

Hit reply and answer at least one of these questions. :-)

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