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How to create your new money future through sales

How to Create Your New Money Future Through Sales

By Amira Alvarez

Money moves through sales. There is always a sale… and if you don’t know that or want to accept that… if you’re running away from that… you’ll never have consistent income.

If you want consistent income, if you want to know that you can always make your number, and you never want to worry about whether you’re going to meet payroll or your family budget…

Then guess what sister… you’ve got to master sales.

If you feel yourself cringing… just notice that. That’s you running away from your source of consistent income flow.

That’s you shutting off your flow.

Instead, let’s get really honest for a moment…

Do you understand how sales actually works?

To answer this question, look at your results…

Are you making enough money?

Are you confident and secure when you offer your services?

Do you know when someone’s an ideal client and they need to work with you? Do you know when to walk away?

Do you know what to say when people tell you it’s not the right time? Or that they don’t have the money or they have to think about it?

Do you know how to have people sell themselves on your services?

You’ve got to master all of this and more… But, this is not a one and done kind of thing.

I’m phenomenal now at sales and phenomenal at teaching sales—if I do say so myself ;-) But before I got here, I had to dig in and learn the psychology of sales, and how to use it in a way that’s of absolute SERVICE to the women I work with. That is for more life for everyone.

This started with not running away. Instead of avoiding sales, I stepped forward and moved through my blocks and beliefs that we’re stopping me.

And this is what I love to teach because when you get this, you’ve got the key to freedom in your business. You have unlimited income potential.

Today I’m excited to introduce you to my new Strategic Advisor, Michele Phillips. Michele, like myself, understands what blocks people from making sales. She’s brilliant at what she does, and I can’t wait for you to meet her and work with her.

If you’re ready to identify EXACTLY where you’re getting blocked in your sales process and start making consistent sales in your business, then click here to book a time to talk with Michele.

Michele will laser in and pinpoint what’s getting in YOUR way with your sales and what you need to learn to start making sales consistently in YOUR business. We’re happy to help you with this!

And if she finds that you’re qualified for my upcoming 2-Day Sales Intensive, I’d be thrilled to see you there! In ONE WEEK on February 22nd and 23rd, I’m hosting a virtual Sales Intensive where we’ll be covering the essential mindset shifts you must make to skyrocket your sales!!

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