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How to Focus and Finish 2020 Strong

How to Focus and Finish 2020 STRONG!

By Amira Alvarez

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting psyched to close this year out strong… but it requires understanding how to focus.

2020 has been a crazy one, and I’d be surprised if it hasn’t put a damper in at least a few of your goals and plans for 2020. Maybe you’ve had to scrap some altogether, but when I review the goals I set at the beginning of the year, I’m pleasantly surprised at all that I’ve accomplished.

My primary love relationship is so much deeper and more intimate.

My team has grown significantly, more than doubling in size, with really fabulous people.

We’re slaying on some very key business objectives that had been put off too long.

Our audience has grown dramatically, and we’ve launched The Unstoppable Woman Podcast and The Morning Mindset Club, both of which I’m madly in love with and super proud of.

My physical health is so much better, my clients are thriving, and financially the company’s doing great.

And yet, because I’m an achiever, I have LOTS of goals… and I’ve definitely not met them all. ;-) 

I didn’t get to accomplish everything I wanted… 

This past weekend, as I was soaking up all the fall feels and the changing weather and starting to get ready for the post-Halloween holidays… I had a realization.

It’s not too late to finish strong.

It’s not too late to slay on some of my other goals… and that goes for you, too.

I’m totally activated on this. When others start writing the year off sometime in November, I go hard (with ease and grace.) I really go for it. I want to finish strong. When you do that, you build your confidence, self-esteem, and self-image as someone who keeps her commitments, persists, and achieves her goals. 

This will propel you forward into an even more successful 2021.

It’s not too late for you to create a massive breakthrough in your business – or your life in general.

Are you ready to give up? Or do you want it badly enough to do what it takes to have your breakthrough?

Will you commit to prioritizing you for the end of 2020 – so you can finish the year out strong?

Are you ready to create the mental, emotional, and financial freedom and finally start living the life you truly desire?

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