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By Amira Alvarez

I don’t fold my laundry anymore.

Not because I’m “too good for that” but because I decided that it wasn’t a good use of my time anymore. So I hired someone to clean the house for me, as well as to wash and fold my laundry.

When I first made the decision to do this, I bumped up against a whole lot of my own internal blocks.

  • Can I really spend money on this?
  • What a frivolous thing to do.
  • This isn’t what practical women do.
  • I can do this myself.
  • I should do this myself.
  • I can’t have someone else do this for me.

Do you know what the connection between all these thoughts were?

Lack of seeing myself as worthy of more… of better… of what I actually wanted.

I didn’t believe I deserved to be supported in this particular way. I didn’t believe I had the right to spend money on myself at this level. I wasn’t prioritizing taking care of my needs or nurturing my desires because “who was I” to hire someone else to fold my laundry?!

Yet in my head I was complaining about it. And I needed to take personal responsibility for stepping up and getting the help I needed and wanted… or I needed to stop complaining about it.

I share this with you today because choosing not to invest in ourselves and our businesses comes back to self-worth and taking personal responsibility. Choosing to work those 12 to 16 hour days… running ourselves ragged and forgetting to eat… that comes back to self-worth. Not implementing the systems that automate our business or having team step in and take over roles that are outside our genius zone… that comes back to self-worth… and personal responsibility.

We like to mask over it with the excuse of “not enough time” and “not enough money,” but if we’re unwilling to make choices, take actions, and make investments because we believe it’s not practical or is frivolous or “I could just do it myself”… it’s a self-worth issue, as well as not taking personal responsibility for the outcomes in your life and business.

In the first video of the Cracking the Code to Income Generation video series, I talked about the importance of claiming your desire. You can’t create what you desire if you’re unwilling to claim it. But you also have to KNOW that you’re WORTHY of having it.

You have to raise your self-worth.

But how do you do this?

You take the actions, first. You don’t wait until one day you magically feel more worthy of having your desires met… you take actions that are aligned with having a higher level of self-worth, and you keep riding wave after wave that come with upleveling your life, business, and relationships.


  • You hire the cleaning company.
  • You bring on a personal or virtual assistant.
  • You work with the expert that can help you level up.
  • You buy the software that will smooth out the systems.
  • You get your nails done or buy the dress at the nicer store.
  • You invest in better equipment for yourself and your team.

Whatever it is for you… you take those actions. You keep showing yourself and your fearful subsconscious that YOU ARE WORTHY or more. And that you’re WILLING to do the work necessary to keep growing. To make more money. To have the life you desire.

Tell me, are you willing to do what it takes to have what you desire? To make a quantum leap and 3x, 5x, even 10x your income? To put the systems and support in place so that you’re able to SERVE MORE people, having the impact you desire?

You deserve more.


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