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Exhaustion, indecision, not being truly seen as the brilliant, powerful woman that you are.

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How to Turn Jealousy into Self-Confidence

How to Turn Jealousy into Self-Confidence

By Amira Alvarez

When you see others around you really going for it, growing their business, getting more visibility, and accomplishing big things, how does it make you feel?

Is there a part of you that’s really happy for them, but another part that’s jealous? You want that level of success, but you haven’t gotten there yet.

What happens next? Do you turn your criticism inwards, attacking yourself for all the ways you’re not measuring up, all the things you should’ve accomplished by now but haven’t?

Does it create some fear of being left behind? Then what?

Is it urgency or paralysis? Or something else?

Everyone has a pattern of reactivity that, if you’re not aware of, keeps you SMALL. It keeps you locked into fear-based reactivity, where you create the same results over and over again.

The way you’re feeling and reacting when others obtain what you want, says so much about you. (Remember, no harshing on yourself. We’re just bringing awareness to the pattern here.)

It says everything about the way you see yourself… this is your SELF-IMAGE, and if you’ve been following my teaching for awhile, you’ll know that your SELF-IMAGE affects every aspect of your life.

Your self-image either keeps you repeating the same patterns again and again and staying at the same level of success, revenue, love, peace, and freedom.

Or, if you’re able to change it and expand it, it allows you to create a massive quantum leap in SELF-CONFIDENCE, income and all the good that you desire in life.

You want that right? Think about what would open up for you if you knew how to change your self-image on command? You’d be able to get massively different results!!

Instead of being jealous, you’d be the one achieving the big things and inspiring others to go for more.

You’d be working towards your true desires and goals consistently, because you recognize just how valuable your time, energy, and efforts are.

You’d stay accountable and stop giving in to all the little things you don’t really want to do. You’d start changing what you’re worth. And you’d start living a fulfilling, successful, lit-up life.

So what’s required to do this?

Well, there’s some work to be done. I won’t kid you on that. (You can’t stay the same and get different results.)

I’d love to show you how to fast-track this all and build your self-image tenfold. Join me tomorrow at our Roundtable Teaching Discussion and Open Q&A on Changing Your Self-Image: The Missing Link to Rapidly Raising Your Revenue!

On Wednesday, June 16th from 1 to 2:30 ET, we’re going to give your self-confidence a makeover so you can start showing up as the truly unbelievable, kickass, uniquely powerful woman you are… and watch your income grow right alongside your self-worth and self-confidence ;-)

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