From Camera Shy to Camera Confident| How to Use Brand Photoshoots to Evolve Your Self-Image

By Amira Alvarez

How often do you shy away from the camera? Maybe you even put your hand up to block your face. Did you know that how you feel on the inside can be captured on the outside? Today I want to talk to you about the importance of taking brand photos. Now, I didn’t just drop from Mars knowing everything about taking good photos ;-) In fact, when I look back on my first photoshoot… I feel nothing but awkwardness. So I want to get real with you about my photo evolution! Listen in to hear how to go from camera shy to camera confident!

What To Listen For

  • Avoid the trap of comparing yourself to others
  • The psychology behind why you hate you in certain photos
  • When to splurge on hair, makeup, and photographers (and why)
  • Your photos are based off of 80% energy and 20% tactics
  • Skip the blame game & do THIS instead!


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