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I Wasn’t Always This Way

By Amira Alvarez

One of the reasons I feel so confident teaching what I teach is that I work diligently to walk my talk in my own life as well. I’m not the kind of coach and teacher that tells you to do something I’m not doing or haven’t done myself.

Especially when it comes to choosing to have a delightful life, no matter what.

But the truth is, I wasn’t always this way.

In fact, one part of my family could be described as “rage-aholics” who immediately go to blaming other people for what they’re experiencing.

Because this is an aspect of my family, it was an aspect in me… and I had to learn how to show up in a different way. I had to learn that even when I was frustrated and angry in my business, to CHOOSE to not get angry with or blame the people who work for me.

One of the biggest lessons I received around this is the concept of “blame the system, not the person.” So rather than getting angry and lashing out at team, I focused on where things went wrong in the system or our processes… I learned to find amusement in it… to not make things a bigger deal than they are (tech issues happen!)… and not to lose my cool.

This idea of “blame the system, not the person” works for creating anything you desire.

Rather than blame people or circumstances, you take ownership and you look at where things have gone wrong in the process.

  • Where are you not taking ownership for your results?
  • Where are you handing over your power to someone or something else?
  • Where are you not showing up and doing the work?
  • Where are you letting your stories and subconscious beliefs run the show?

This isn’t about shame or guilt, it’s just about noticing. We all have similar subconscious programming. We all have ways that we do this and derail ourselves.

The difference between successful people who are lit up and living a delightful life is they look at where things have gone wrong in the process… make changes… and keep moving.

If you want to create different results in your life, different outcomes… you HAVE to hold yourself to a much higher standard.

Are willing to step forward and do that for yourself? It makes all the difference in the world. #noexcuses



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