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Getting Out Of No-Woman’s Land And Back Into Action

By Amira Alvarez

In order to create what we desire, we have to utilize both our masculine and feminine energies… because both are KEY to the eight step Manifesting Process I taught at The Unstoppable Woman Summit.

Step five of the process is to be open, which requires us to be in our feminine. We have to be open, fluid, and receptive… really surrendering and allowing ourselves to move with the natural unfolding. Receiving direction and guidance from Spirit.

Step six of the process is to act, which requires us to move into our masculine. We have to receive that direction and guidance from Spirit and take immediate action.

While I’m teaching this as a process, there’s actually a lot of movement between the two, and it’s about figuring out how to balance your masculine and feminine depending on what it is you’re trying to create for yourself or your business.

When we’re in worry, doubt, and fear… we’re stuck somewhere in between, not doing either. We’re not open, surrendered, and receiving… but we’re also not taking the actions that move the needle forward… we’re frozen, staring at our navel, or stuck in spinout and busy-ness.

I call this no-woman’s land ;-)

The way out is about recognizing when something isn’t working…

If you’re working 16 hour days, grinding it out, and running yourself ragged, but not seeing the results you want, it’s time to shift into the feminine and be open and receptive to direction from spirit around what actually needs to happen next.

If you’re sitting around just waiting, and there’s no momentum, no movement, no progress, it’s time to shift into the masculine and start taking actions to move in the direction that you want to go… because sometimes you just have to start in order to receive the divine download of what comes next.

This is just a taste.

There is so much to understand when it comes to the Manifesting Process and the Universal Laws of Success… but once you do, anything you desire is within your reach. There’s so much to understand just around moving between masculine and feminine energies, which requires diving into the Law of Gender.


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