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Igniting intimacy with yourself

By Amira Alvarez

What does intimacy with yourself really look like? Have you ever noticed when you get quiet, still, alone with your thoughts, that almost immediately you shift into a todo list of all the things you should be doing at that moment.  

Maybe you’re in the shower or trying to take a nice bath or a long walk and BAM… this needs to be done, that needs to be done… on and on!

What this is showing is that you struggle with being intimate with yourself. 

The peace of mind and indulging in pleasure is being overridden by your habit of action and worry. Which often leaves you more stressed and overwhelmed than you were before you tried to take a breather moment.  

What if instead you had practical steps to ignite intimacy with yourself. These steps are so easy and yet they require intentional, habitual practice to really master and experience the benefits of.

Are you ready…

  1. Focus on one desire that you have.
  2. Imagine that desire becoming a reality.. the feeling, taste, smell of it.Is it a trip somewhere? Play out in your mind what you would do on that trip.
    Is it a romantic experience with your partner? Lean into a full storyline fantasy, costumes and all (if that’s what you are into.)
    Is it a team that can help you build your vision? Have conversations with them that would be a dreamy experience to manifest in reality.
  3. Notice how you feel in that mind play. Are you free? Do you feel joy? Or did you immediately go into the ‘how’ to make it happen or a feeling of impossibility? Are there insecurities that show up, entitlements, fears…
  4. Journal your thoughts about your intimate time. Pay attention to where you were being pulled out of your imagination into what you ‘think’ is possible or not. Pay attention to other distractions that came in to rob you of your intimate time by yourself. Pay attention to how quickly you wanted to end this mindplay or how long you desired to play it out in your head before releasing back to reality. 

    Now do this everyday for a minimum of 10 minutes, with at least 5 minutes of journal time.

What will happen after a few days is you will find yourself wanting your intimate time alone. You will be seeking moments to feel into all of your desires, that they will no longer just be thoughts but full embodiments of freedom that you get to explore within yourself.

Soon you will easily know what it feels like to truly have a connection with yourself and what you desire. Clarity is the reward of this exercise. Intimacy is the gateway to being more at peace, empowered, and unapologetically, freely you.

Enjoy! I know I will :) 

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