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Your profit is in your prayers

By Amira Alvarez

I debated on whether or not to share this publicly but I know it will encourage and empower those who are ready to step into full trust of Spirit– that power that is bigger than you, yet is running through you.

Money touches everything. It’s a tool for growth and a tool for self-actualization. I always have a money goal that is part of every initiative. It’s the business woman in me, it’s the willingness to claim my desires, it’s the HUGE targets I set for myself. 

Recently I held an event.
Day 1 seeded the offer – crickets
Day 2 shared the offer – crickets

Day 3 came around and that morning in the quiet, In the stillness, before the sun came up, with a full event day ahead of me, I was having a real, in-depth, transparent conversation with God. Meditating in pure devotion of my desire and all that was possible. Asking my questions with an open heart, in surrender.

And in an instant, this power gave me a sales number for this event.
Not a small number.
Kind of an impossible number if I was willing to accept the previous two days’ interest.

But I wasn’t.  Because I am unstoppable ;-)

Hair and make-up artist came, team meeting happened, all the while I am sitting with this number. Admittedly, a little fired up. 

My own faith was activated.

I was completely tapped in. 
All that was possible was so clear. 

There was no doubt.

I met with my sales manager and shared the number with her. It was more like I “preached” the number to her. She didn’t skip a beat, no fear, no hesitation, it’s like she was fully in sync with me and the message I got from God, Spirit, Source, The Field…  on what was possible. (That in and of itself is a miracle… you know what I am talking about, convincing the team of what is possible, as a leader is a constant job of ours!)

No convincing.
Both of us, simply in acceptance of what is about to happen. 

I did my part…
She did her part…
The Universe did its part/God did his part…

We exceeded the number that was given to me.

Your profit is in your prayers!

What are you praying? What are you hearing? What are you willing to activate your faith around? 

The Universe is abundant!
There is more than enough money, time and resources for all we desire!
Faith moves mountains!

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