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Just a Few Spots Left to Help Achieve Your 2021 Goals..

Just a Few Spots Left to Help Achieve Your 2021 Goals…

By Amira Alvarez

What a year 2020 has been. With everything going on, I’m sure it had a massive impact on you somehow – whether it affected your mindset, your goals, your business, your relationships, your money… or all of the above.

But what if I told you that the vast majority of our clients have been having a kickass 2020?

  • Lindsay Gordon crossed the 6-figure mark!
  • Devon Clement has ALREADY booked $200k in new business for 2021, and the year hasn’t even begun! That’s almost 50% of the business she booked in previous years!!
  • Lauren Wheeler bought TWO businesses and is on track to grow to $10M!
  • Diana Stelin launched a fashion line, got invited to the Venice Biennale (a huge honor!!) and made significant increases in her rates and income as a fine artist!
  • Lauren Griffith had her first $20k month!
  • And Courtney Intersimone launched her coaching business while maintaining massive responsibilities (managing 200+ people) in her corporate position.

Yup – they’ve been enjoying some of their best months ever.

So what do all of these women have in common? (Well, besides the fact that they’re all badass, smart, and amazing…)

They were members of my 2020 Spirit of Wealth program!

And guess what? There’s still room for you in The Spirit of Wealth Mastermind and Masterclass for 2021! There are a few spots left.

If they can do this in 2020, the year of Covid, then imagine what you could do in 2021!

Why does The Spirit of Wealth work so well?

In addition to all the accountability and master level teaching on Universal Law and how to actualize your big ass goals, one of the main reasons is the WOMEN…

When you’re surrounded by women who are ACTIVELY going for more and encouraging each other to have a growth mindset as they work towards HUGE visions and goals, it’s like having an extra set of batteries to get through the day! It’s the wind under your wings!

These are women who are grateful for what they have but desire more for themselves, their businesses, their relationships, and their bank accounts with NO SHAME about it.

It’s a non-judgemental space where you’re really seen for who you are, in both your strength and your vulnerability… where you own your $#!& and are held accountable… and where you’re reminded of WHO YOU ARE–that next level version of you that you sometimes can’t see in the midst of the daily fire drill.

Plus, there is the exponential power to solve problems, tap into opportunities, and level-up rapidly that comes from the collective feedback of the group and direct coaching from me. 

This is the container we’ve created with The Spirit of Wealth Mastermind and Masterclass, where such INCREDIBLE women are supporting one another for a FULL YEAR.

We only have a few spots left.

Is one of them yours?

Click here to learn more!

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