You know what’s not sexy about business?

Exhaustion, indecision, not being truly seen as the brilliant, powerful woman that you are.

Master the Inner and Outer Game of Business

The link between the chatter in your head and success

By Amira Alvarez

Hello Unstoppable Friend,

Do you have a constant stream of chatter in your mind that’s reminding you of “all the hard” that you’re facing? 

That internal dialogue might sound something like…

“This is so hard” or “I’m so overwhelmed.”
“I don’t want to work more hours.”
“I wonder if _____ (insert name of significant other) is going to like me doing this.”
“If I do this are people going to think I’m greedy or just out for the money?”
“What if my business gets so big or I get so busy I can’t take care of my family?”

These examples, and so many others like them, all come directly from our subconscious which long ago got programmed with “rules” to guide how we view and engage with the world. 

This programming, or the lens through which you see the world, is going to make the work of growing your business (and your life) either easier or harder… and make success come quickly or with struggle.

It’s going to color every decision you make and experience you have.

It’s going to color how you approach money and time, two resources most people go into scarcity about. 

It’s going to color your experience of hiring and managing Team, reaching out and connecting with potential clients, offering your product or service for sale, and approaching the systems and processes required to grow.

If you want to understand whether you’ve been programmed for success or struggle, just become aware of that chatter in your head.

What is it actually saying? Once you identify that, ask yourself what that says about your beliefs about what it takes to succeed?

Do this exercise for a week and you’ll have a really good sense of how you’ve been programmed.

For many, this chatter runs rampant, taking up a huge amount of brain space and energy.

It’s actually controlling you, rather than you directing it.

And it’s causing everything you’re seeking to do in your business so much harder. 

Until you identify the programming, you won’t truly understand what blocks you from success and you’ll always wonder why you’re getting in your way.

This has been one of the biggest game changers for me and I hope you actually do the exercise.

Let me know if you do – even a few minutes of awareness can be life (and business) changing. 

The truth is most people will read this and skip over the actual doing of the exercise. Kind of like at the end of the chapter in the book when you just keep reading the next chapter instead of actually working the prompts. I’ve been totally guilty of that as well!  

But let’s do it differently this time. Take two minutes and do this exercise. Even a few minutes will provide tons of information! If you want to take it further and have a bigger breakthrough, feel free to click the link below to book a call.

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