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The daily data dive I do with my Team

By Amira Alvarez

Hey Unstoppable Woman!

I have a not so secret obsession… I love looking at the DATA in my business… I really truly love it. 

I even started a hashtag with my clients: #MakeLoveToTheNumbers

In fact, I just finished looking at our metrics spreadsheet and recording a loom for my Team.

BUT, total honesty here… getting the data can be a huge PITA! For real HUGE!

So I have at times in my business ignored or not focused on the numbers because I felt the lift for getting the data organized was just too much to put on my Team and quite frankly I didn’t want to dig in and set it all up myself. Just real talk here 🙂 

I’m happy to say I’ve moved through that block. Nothing like being in integrity with your principles and your true desires to kick up the energy and momentum.

Today, I want to share an aspect of how I #MakeLoveToTheNumbers that relates to something I shared with you a few weeks ago about the daily huddles I have with our team.  As a part of that daily huddle we are reviewing these 3 data points daily:

  • Overall sales for the month compared to our goal
  • Client retention
  • Everyone’s 1#

So let me explain the last one. 

Everyone on the team has one number they are responsible for. That one number is based on what the most needle moving impact THEY can make in the business. 

Each team member is obviously responsible for many things as part of their job but their 1# helps them focus on the thing that is going to make the BIGGEST IMPACT. 

  • For my marketing manager, her 1# is three sales calls booked a week. Although there’s so many initiatives that we track in marketing, this is the ultimate result that we want from all the work she does.
  • For our social media manager, her 1# is five new opt-ins added to our database a week. Although engagement and increased followers are important, this is the ultimate result that we want from all the work she does. 
  • For our admin, her 1# is a 2hr response time to any enquiries during business hours. Although she does a myriad of other tasks that are important to the business, supporting our community is the most impactful work she does.

And so on down the line for everyone on the Team from Tech Support to Project Management to Sales and so on. I’ve even got my own 1#. With my CEO hat on, mine is profit. 

Think of it this way…

When you laser focus everyone’s attention on their ONE thing and you do this DAILY, you are helping them keep present and focus on all the activities that drive that result.

It prioritizes ACCOUNTABILITY and OWNERSHIP for them and for you. 

Plus, it makes gauging where each team member is ‘winning’ and who needs your support so much easier as well.

So what will your ONE number be? 

And what will each of your Team’s 1#s be?

Please work this concept and then hit reply and let me know how you “made love to the numbers.”

Raving Clients

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