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Listening to the guy changed my life

By Amira Alvarez

I remember sitting in a seminar, listening to this guy. He said: 

“You can make your annual income your monthly income.”

This guy ended up being my mentor, but at the time he was just “this guy.”

I didn’t really know him or who he was, but he stood up there and made this statement with total clarity.

There was no ambiguity or weird double-binds… (when you say one thing and mean another… i.e. you’re lying!)

Then he said… “It’s easier to make a lot of money, than a little money.”

My mind blew open at that point. 

It didn’t make any sense to me logically. But something inside of me told me that it was correct. 

It was his confidence that got me to wake up and lean in. I knew that he had lived this experience.

At the time, this wasn’t my experience at all. I was working my puttootee off. Crazy hours. Lots of stress.

I was enjoying myself when I wasn’t completely exhausted, and making good, but not extraordinary money. ($138k annually)

I wanted to make a lot more so I could have more freedom to do what I wanted. 

At some level I definitely thought I could. But I kept hitting a wall… thinking that if I just worked harder, I’d make more.

But as I sat in the front row and leaned in…

When I heard “this guy” speak, I realized I was living a middle class mindset.

I was believing (and living out) the idea that if I just worked hard enough the money would come. 

At the time, I wouldn’t have been able to tell you why this wasn’t true, but I knew in my bones that it wasn’t. 

But now… having lived it out… having created a multi-million dollar business… I know it through lived experience. 

For one, I’ve many times over made my annual income my monthly income. I also know why it’s easier to make a lot of money than a little money.

And if I did it… so can you. 

Everyone has the potential to make as much money as they want… as consistently as they want…

But not everyone executes on it. Why is that??

The answer: You’ve got to want the freedom more than your fear of failure.

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