You know what’s not sexy about business?

Exhaustion, indecision, not being truly seen as the brilliant, powerful woman that you are.

Master the Inner and Outer Game of Business

Mastering Life and Business: Unveiling the Secrets of the Extraordinary

By Amira Alvarez

One of the principles I’ve learned while manifesting a really magnificent business and life is that Desire is Causative. 

It’s the cause or driver, the motivation for creating everything, including a truly expansive, extraordinary life.

This is the life that we know we were made for but (perhaps) haven’t yet lived to our fullest potential. 

One thing that blocks people from their greatness and living extraordinary is not understanding what a TRUE desire is.

This was true for me at one point in my life.

I had to decondition myself and teach myself what a true desire really was.

I had to overcome all the conditioning that had me suppressing what I wanted in favor of pleasing others.

I found that I was putting my desires on hold in favor of other people’s needs, even if they didn’t actually express them. 

I was so conditioned to fear letting other people down, that no one had to tell me to put them first anymore… it just became the voice in my head, driving me.

I lovingly call that voice “The Task Master.” (Do you have one too?)

Although I have great admiration for my will and work ethic, her shadow side is a suppression of my true wants and desires.

Sometimes to the point of ridiculousness… for example… 

I remember one day when I was working on something for a client and REALLY had to go to the bathroom, but kept putting it off until I finished what I was working on. 

Then it became just one more thing I had to do, then another and another. 

Everything else, for everyone else, was urgent. 

My own desires… even such a simple bodily desire as wanting to go to the bathroom took second place.

Now discipline is one thing, but I woke up at that moment realizing that this was the epitome of how I kept putting off my true desires for something else. 

So much so that I didn’t even know what I truly wanted.


This was the path to being a good little worker bee but not the way to extraordinary success.

I had to recondition myself so I could actually tap into what I wanted. 

This started with asking myself simple questions, Did I really want a glass of lemonade or a nap? Did I have a response for this initiative in my business or was it just what that “marketing guru” said was hot at the moment?  

It started small, with a step-by-step deconditioning of jumping to meet other people’s needs (read: the demands of your business, your clients, your Team, your family, and yes, even your dog) in order to know what I truly wanted and follow that.

I had to tune into these small desires to really start to claim the bigger ones.

The result? 

I was willing and able to claim a goal of making $1 million dollars in a year. 

This was way beyond any desire I had previously held. But it was a TRUE DESIRE.

And I knew it to be true based on how it felt, which I had learned to tap into through all my deconditioning and practice.

I trusted it and could move forward with faith and belief.

Not only did that lead to a much larger income, but paved the way to so much more that I had no idea was possible for me but at some level wanted. Like… 

A lit-up sex life, an epic love, stepping into my authority, claiming my beauty, and last but not least…

A life lived with PURPOSE.

More on that next week.

Until then, a really powerful couple of questions to ask yourself are: What do you really want? And what’s getting in your way?

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