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How do I rock a sales call?

By Amira Alvarez

One of my recent Bootcamp clients is new to charging for her services. She’s served people with her work for years for free, has helped a ton of people, but she never charged for what she did…

She started her business (great first step) and was providing great content. All good… except things were getting kind of desperate money-wise.

She and her family needed some cash flow and no one was buying. She was having conversations with potential clients, but something was off. Something hadn’t clicked into place.

Not until she figured out how to really show up in a sales conversation…

So… “What’s the missing link to rocking a sales call?”

Spoiler Alert… The answer is self-worth.

But let me tell you why…

On a sales call, and really always, you need to show up fearlessly in your truth, without fearing rejection.

In order to do that, you need to be grounded in your own worth.

This is an inside job.

If you’re looking outside for approval, depending on others to tell you you’re worthy, doing it right, etc… You’re giving others the power to determine your worth. This puts you in a mental and emotional cage.

If your self-worth is in someone else’s hands, you will always fear rejection.

If you fear rejection, you will contort yourself. You will not say the full truth. You will make yourself small and dim your light.

If you make yourself small, not only will you not charge enough, but people feel this and they won’t have confidence in you or your service.

At my recent Mindset Mastery Retreat on Becoming More… the client I mentioned above, totally got this. It clicked into place. She made her first sale while at the retreat. It was small, yet still a sale. Whoopie!

The day after she got back from the retreat, she nailed her sales conversation for a program she was selling at a newer, much higher price point. (Super proud coach moment.)

She stepped into her power and unapologetically spoke the truth to her client… without fearing rejection. She held the space.

The result?

  • Zero objections. No noise. A straight up yes from the client.
  • $3,000 for her and her family. (Phew!)
  • Confidence!
  • A client who’s going to be served at the highest level.
  • Unstoppable energy in her business. She’s on fire!
  • A husband who is released to shine his light because he no longer feels the pressure of being the sole breadwinner.
  • The knowledge that she creates her own destiny.
  • Actualizing and being who she truly is… unapologetically.

As you can see… this isn’t just about the money. Yes, the money is nice. Yes, the money matters. Yes, the money came at a critical time for this client and her family.

But this is about so much more.

This is about stepping into freedom– the freedom that comes when you show up unapologetically.

I want this for you too! The freedom to be you in this world and make great money.



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