You know what’s not sexy about business?

Exhaustion, indecision, not being truly seen as the brilliant, powerful woman that you are.

Master the Inner and Outer Game of Business

Sexual energy is creative energy

By Amira Alvarez

Ever wonder why not having enough time, never ending todo lists, and doing “all the things” all the time feels… so oppressive?

I wish that I had this information years ago, it would have helped me with my ability to receive both in my business in terms of revenue, ideal clients, opportunities, and more… and in my personal life. And yep, that means in my sex life as well. Read on to see how this is all connected.

In the book, Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill speaks about the sexual nature of men. He talks about having a highly sexed nature being a key aspect to all successful men.

Meaning that they are tapped into their desire to have sex.

Did you know that you can take this drive– this physical, biological drive– and channel it, transmute it, and use that same energy for building your business, calling in more money, achieving any goal that you have, financial or otherwise? Enticing right?

It is POWERFUL energy because quite frankly sexual energy is creative life force energy.

It’s the energy required to make babies and create life.

Now what happens if you can take that energy and put it towards something else? If successful men have this high sex drive, and they can transmute it and use it to create huge amounts of success, where does that leave women?

What I find with many women, who are ambitious, driven, high-achievers, is that for a variety of different reasons, they suppress much of their feminine essence (and honestly sexual energy) in favor of their masculine essence.

Now, why might that be? Well, quite frankly, when building a business, leading a team, managing multiple initiatives, you have to do a lot of very structured, focused doing and the masculine essence drives that kind of action… It’s hunting, pursuing, very directive. It’s about making impressions, it’s about going out, being outwardly driven.

You can think of this in terms of how the male and the female genitalia physically look. The male genitalia is outward driven, very directive, when it’s alert, you can really see that. ;-)

The female genitalia is a receiving shape and to receive you must open. You can really see the difference in our physiology.

So the feminine essence is really about receiving, it’s about nurturing like the womb, being open, like you need to do during sex.

It’s about magnetizing and attracting. It’s a different kind of energy.

Now there is no better or worse, good or bad, between the two. You need both. As I mentioned, to create (or make babies), you need a masculine and a feminine, you can’t have one without the other, you won’t be able to create.

What this looks like in business is giving yourself time for cogitation, thinking, and nurturing your ideas. It’s about opening to what is possible and what you desire to receive. It’s about allowing it in. This is the feminine essence.

The reason so many women are in a power struggle with time is because we stay in the masculine energy and neglect the feminine. It suppresses our ability and desire to receive.

We think going hard is the secret sauce for success, but in reality it’s in our ability to openly receive. To lean into and nurture our ideas, allow the incubation period to be fully formed. Then, and only then, is it time to tap into the masculine essence, putting it all together and getting it out in the world. You need both.

As the New Year approaches… explore your feminine essence further. Allow yourself to be open and ready to receive. Tap into this and you’ll begin to more easily transmute your vision and desires in results. You will be amazed at how liberated you feel and the results you experience.

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