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My word for 2023 – SPACIOUSNESS

By Amira Alvarez

It’s a new year… and I don’t know about you but I LOVE NEW! I love a new outfit, a new car, a new relationship… new is fun, mysterious and sexy.

So for this new year… I am determined to create a new experience in my life.

An experience of spaciousness.

As a high-achieving, driven, ambitious and unstoppable woman… I know how to get stuff done. I know how to go hard, lean in and make it happen. It might even be my super-power (and yours too!)

Don’t worry… I am actually not a work-aholic or overwhelmed in my responsibilities.

But what I am is booked solid during my determined ‘working hours’… well that doesn’t leave the spaciousness I desire to create, ponder and learn at the level that I want.

So I have a new desire.

What happens when you have a new desire? Often, everything that doesn’t match that desire becomes, well let’s say: irritating.

This new desire for spaciousness is so real, relevant and raw that it is confronting everything else on my calendar. Every moment I spend is now being measured up to the desired outcome of spaciousness.

How many calls I hold.
How my programs are laid out.
How I work with my team.
How I deliver training content.

It’s a beautiful and powerful experience to recognize that what was once my solution to the ‘make more money’ opportunity, has become the challenge to my desire for spaciousness.

This is what happens when we begin to trust ourselves more intently, claim our value, and step into our feminine essence (which requires us to open up and trust to receive more.) The last solution we had becomes the next challenge to overcome.

This brings me immense joy… and peace.

It’s growth.
It’s surrender.
It’s my desires evolving.

So… what’s new for you this year?

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