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The Choice of Satisfaction

By Amira Alvarez

What drives you?

For me it’s many things…

Growth, freedom, money, and impact among other both mundane and lofty desires.

But sometimes I’m driven by frustration. 

Let me give you an example…

My assistant gave me 2 days’ notice on Friday. She has been an amazing part of my team so this was a bit out of character for her. (I still love her but c’mon!)

Needless to say, this initially caused a lot of WTF mental activity…

I’m not going to pretend I wasn’t a bit frustrated.

(Thank gawd for SOPs and my amazing Team, as the handoff all happened seamlessly. Totally grateful.) 

I got on my Peloton rower to let off some steam and you know what? I had the best 20 minute row EVER. Yep. Faster and harder than ever before.

That frustration channeled into the row turned into something incredibly satisfying. 

Hmmm… I transmuted that energy.  

And it made me realize we do that all the time. 

We take something negative and turn it into something positive.

We turn our frustration about being ignored into fame.
We turn our frustration about being poor into prosperity.
We turn our frustration about our weight into athleticism. 

But not everyone does this, of course.

But more importantly, not everyone who has transmuted a frustrated energy into a satisfying success does it with ALL things.

There are aspects of one’s life where we don’t make that shift.

Hmmm… where do you successfully turn your frustrations into satisfactions? And where do you not?

I know that when I was making in the low 6-figures ($138k to be exact), I was really frustrated by working really hard and not making as much money as I wanted.

That frustration and that desire were both strong enough that I transmuted that into business success. 

Once the business started making 7-figures year over year, my frustration became one of time and focus and I transmuted that into a more spacious life, working on the purposeful and key things that I love.

My frustration in the realm of relationships I transmuted into an exquisite relationship. 

And so on…

But here’s the rub…

In each case, in order to transmute my frustration into a satisfying success, I needed to shift my focus/energy and pour it into something satisfying. 

I needed to focus and put my energy on FINDING SATISFACTION, someplace, anyplace, rather than on the frustration.

Because satisfaction breeds success.

And it just doesn’t work any other way.

For instance, I noticed I was carrying some extra pounds. Call it menopause. Call it new relationship love weight. It doesn’t really matter. 

I was frustrated. But you know what?

When I stayed focused on how frustrating this was, all that happened was an increase in weight. Frustration breeds frustration.

When I focused on how satisfying my new rower was, with all the short 10-minute strength classes that I can fit in whenever I want, I started to get success. 

And it’s in that choice, when you choose to go find satisfaction, where the transmutation starts.


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