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The Connection Between Your Body And Money

By Amira Alvarez

There’s a direct connection between how you feel about your body and your ability to make the kind of money you desire to make.

So many of my clients and women I meet aren’t feeling 100% happy with their body.

Whether they’re overweight… lacking the energy they desire to do the things they love… feeling frumpy and uncomfortable in their clothes… or they don’t have confidence in their own skin.

And when we’re not happy with our body, we tend to spend far too much mental energy on it.

Struggling and fighting with ourselves around what we’re eating or not eating… trying on five different outfits before getting out the door in something that’s “fine” enough… beating ourselves up for slipping up on our “diet”… or shaming ourselves for being where we’re at.

All of that takes precious time and energy away from money-making activities.

You can’t move the needle forward in your business if you’re spinning out about your body (or anything else for that matter.)

You also can’t move it forward if you’re using it as an excuse to not be more visible.

There is a DIRECT CONNECTION between making money and how you feel about yourself and your body. You don’t want to miss this powerful training… especially after the holiday aka eating season! ;-)

I can’t wait to dive more deeply into this topic with you.

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