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Why Are You Making It Hard?

By Amira Alvarez

It’s an EASY and ABUNDANT Universe… that’s the Truth.

Yet, still… things often feel hard, don’t they?

Growing your business feels like a struggle… making a quantum leap in your income feels downright impossible from where you are now… grinding through the day is exhausting… hiring team, dealing with family, and getting support feels more overwhelming than it’s worth.

But if the Truth is that it’s an easy and abundant Universe, the question isn’t “why is life a struggle,” it’s “why are YOU making it so hard?”

Let’s look at your income goal as an example…

It’s mathematically easy to make a lot of money (you just need a simple equation).

Anyone can make as much money as they want (and I do mean anyone).

If the desire for money is felt, the supply is ready to appear (this is the Law).

The only thing standing between where you are now and living/experiencing these Truths is you.

But this isn’t about making you wrong or bad… it’s simply about acknowledging that your subconscious programming is what’s keeping you from having exactly what you desire.

Your blocks and beliefs… the stories you tell about life, the Universe, and yourself… and the rules you learned as a small child about how the world does and doesn’t work.

When you understand where you’re getting in the way, you can shift your mind into a switching station of creation and manifest your powerful manifesting skills.

Let me show you how.



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