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The Law of Cause & Effect (and How It Controls Your Life!)

The Law of Cause & Effect (and How It Controls Your Life!)

By Amira Alvarez

You are always first cause. All the results you’re getting are an effect of the causes you’re putting into motion. That’s the Law of Cause and Effect.

Every action you take, the words you speak, the way you’re showing up, how you’re BEING in your life, relationships, and business… all of that creates results, small and large.

These then have a ripple effect, putting other things into motion, in a train of causation.

If your business feels hard and overwhelming… you are at cause for that.

If you’re not making enough money… you are at cause for that.

If you’re frustrated by the systems and people in your business… you are at cause for that.

Don’t get mad at me. It’s the Law of Cause and Effect.

This isn’t about blame or shame or making yourself wrong. It’s not about making yourself feel crappy.

In fact, it’s really quite freeing. When you understand that you are ‘at cause’ for your results you can change your results by changing yourself.

It’s about taking 100% personal responsibility for the results you’re creating (or not creating).

To do that, you have to look at the choices you’re making… the experiences you’re tolerating… the thoughts you’re thinking… as well as where you’re stopping short.

When you OWN that you’re first cause—when you see all your experiences as opportunities rather than spinning out or giving up—then you’re able to make changes. All of the things you thought you couldn’t alter… are suddenly in your hands.

Applying this to your business is one of the secret sauces to scaling quickly, with ease and grace.

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