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How I Get More Done… The Unstoppable Blueprint!

By Amira Alvarez

Getting more done in the same amount of time… 

It’s something everyone wants to know how to do, but not many ever figure out. That’s because it’s about both the INNER and OUTER GAME… not just time management techniques or another calendar hack (though these have their place)!!

Today I’m giving you The Unstoppable Woman Blueprint on how I’ve done this for myself.

Everything you could possibly want to know!! :-)

First, I want to give some context by sharing how I used to be before I learned these skills… 

Really, I had great work ethic, but I was always going in 1,000 different directions at any given time! I had a desire to get all the things done in both my life and my business, but I was constantly interrupting myself.

That looked like… creating pressure to get everything in my business done immediately, everything had the same level of importance. I couldn’t differentiate between the truly “move the needle” actions and the important stuff or even the “nice to have” tasks. 

It also looked like napping (because I was creating all that overwhelm), distracting myself from work with housework (dishes, cooking, laundry, etc), or getting lost in some home improvement project (yes, I repainted every room in the house at different points).

I had a GREAT attitude and really enjoyed doing everything… well, everything but laundry!! ;-)

I was working long hours… which I still do… but it was with a different energy. I felt like I was always behind, dropping the ball, and like I was never able to get it all done. Not so great for one’s self-esteem!

Everything took longer because I did it ALL myself, plus I was a perfectionist and nothing was ever good enough!! I was at the stage where I wouldn’t let anyone else do things for me, I would rather do them myself (stressing myself out in the process) than spend the time to train excellent people and get the support I needed. (Hard to admit this BUT it’s so important to own. I see it all the time too– so many smart, on-it women have a hard time getting help. You think it’s a money thing, at least that’s I hear all the time and what I told myself, but it was really a self-worth issue.)

You’ll always be in growth if you’re going for more in your life, business, relationships, and finances, but you have to remember that attitude is everything. If you asked me, I would have said I had a positive attitude, but I wasn’t being impeccable with my word inside my head and was beating myself up about it, and as a result I didn’t really have a TRUE growth mindset.

When you’re in this ‘grind it out’ place, you have to ask yourself, “What results am I getting? Is this really what I want?” If not, it’s time to make some changes.

How I get more done using INNER GAME approaches:

Creating MORE time is about both the inner and outer game actions… but if you’re not looking at the inner game first, you’re going to continually sabotage the outer game!

Here’s what I did (and continue to do):

  1. I let things go more quickly. That means I don’t stay in a state of frustration. If something goes wrong or a mistake is made with team or projects, I express my waaaaaah quickly, put it in perspective, and then I move into gratitude, problem solving, and delight as quickly as I can.
  2. I still work long hours, but with a different attitude and energy. Building a business or going to the next level in your career takes a certain level of hustle, but that doesn’t mean you have to be in a ‘grind it out’, burnout type of energy. I have a fun and delightful time while I’m working! And if ever I’m not in that state, I make the CHOICE to change my attitude, holding myself to a higher standard. At some point I realized that this is a CHOICE: I can be stressed and overwhelmed or I can have a great time.
  3. I cleared the guilt and shame. I worked through the deeper mindset stuff with a coach, as well as developing my own morning mindset rituals that I now teach in-depth in the Business Acceleration Bootcamp. I had to do these every morning for almost TWO YEARS because I would wake up with anxiety, guilt, shame, frustration, and resentment and I knew it wasn’t conducive to growing my life or business. Mostly though, I started taking new and different actions. I experienced whatever came up and moved through it quickly, choosing to respond in new and different ways.

    I hired a coach who saw my higher truth in situations where I felt like I was wrong, bad, or unlovable. Even though I’d done a TON of personal growth work, this was still my story. So I hired someone to help me see where it showed up so I could move through it more quickly. It’s not that I couldn’t do this on my own. I could. But I wanted to shortcut the time it took. I probably shaved 10 years off of the timeline by doing this. Long story short, if you’re not working on your subconscious programming, you’re going to constantly be driven towards distraction like I was!!
  4. I started valuing myself, my time, and my services. This is about self-worth. I had to do the work to believe in myself and what I had to offer. This meant growing what I spent money on for myself and my business. Yes, I started flying First Class and hiring drivers even before I felt ready to. Yes, I started buying nicer clothes and investing in better self-care- my thing are facials and getting my hair done. :) Yes, I started investing in better computers and systems for my business. AND SO MUCH MORE. It also meant pricing my services accordingly. I upleveled my business to reflect this, creating stronger containers for my clients, becoming a better coach, investing in my own education, and really taking my skills to a master level.

    But it’s not just about money. On the time front, I also spent more time getting dressed in the morning, self-pleasuring, and not rushing to get out the door… not buying into the lie that “I’m behind the eight ball” or running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Again, this came down to conscious choices and choosing to override the subconscious programming and limitations from my childhood that said I always needed to rush. Valuing yourself brings up its own heap of subconscious stuff to work through, which is why I surrounded myself with other women going for more and mentors to help me stay the course and not quit on myself. Everyone I know who’s had a quantum leap and gotten to a higher level has done this too.
  5. I built trust in myself by taking MASSIVE action. We build trust in ourselves through committing to new and different ‘move-the-needle’ actions. This was true for me as well. I got clear on what I wanted and what needed to happen, and I took action QUICKLY. Plus, I stayed with it. If I fell off my game or didn’t do what I said I was going to do, I didn’t beat myself up to the point of quitting, I just got right back at it. #RightBackAtIt

How I get more done using OUTER GAME approaches:

Once you’ve worked through your subconscious programming and double binds, you can start to look at the outer game strategies, actions, and tactics!

Here’s what I did (and continue to do):

  1. I do income producing work early in the day. For me, this means outreach and sales, following up with prospects, or reaching out to potential stages for speaking. You have to know what these actions and tasks are and commit to them. Don’t let yourself off the hook, be impeccable with your word and take those actions quickly.
  2. I hold myself accountable. Early on I came up with a simple and consistent marketing plan, which I printed out and looked over every day. I got an accomplishment hit every time I checked off a box, and this kept me motivated! I liked the feeling of getting things done rather than not… and I was really clear what needed to get done vs what was a ‘nice to have’. That said, I also allowed a certain level of creativity and flow, leaving time for things I enjoyed like playing with graphics and design! But not too much, because I can go down the rabbit hole… and quite frankly, Steph on my team is 1,000x better at this than I am! ;-)

    And remember, you can’t do all things yourself if you want to scale. Delegating is key and I continue to do this.
  3. I fundamentally changed my attitude around time. I don’t live in a scarcity mindset anymore. That doesn’t mean certain days aren’t hustle days or that I don’t ‘fall behind’ on the many things my team sends me to review… it means I don’t think about time as ‘not having enough’. I don’t rush or let myself get spun out, at least not the majority of the time, because that slows everything down. You can learn more about this in my training, Mastering Einstein Time So You Can Beat Overwhelm Once and For All!
  4. I hired a great team. That was one of the first things I did, bringing on an assistant and working with designers and developers. These days, I work with Facebook ads experts, copywriters, designers, developers, video teams, photographers, event planners, several assistants, and more… all to ensure I stay in a state of GROWTH without burning out. You can’t do everything yourself. Start with where you’re at and keep going. Remember, your first few hires will suck (and may even cost a lot of money), but don’t stop!! You can’t be afraid if you’ve made a mistake. Try again and keep going until you find the right people.
  5. I mastered certain time management techniques. I scheduled personal appointments like nails or the dentist outside of work hours, which meant I wasn’t constantly disrupting my day running to appointments.. People say they want freedom over their time, but guess what… having your own business means you make choices that reflect your goals. You have to learn to love what you’re doing so that you’re happy to do it and not running away or distracting yourself… like doing laundry in the middle of the day or checking emails at all hours. It’s about understanding and creating boundaries around your time. For me this meant NO disruptions during the day!
  6. I understood my focus capacity. I can go all day, but you have to understand your capacity for focus! That might be working in 90min chunks and breaking for 15min throughout the day. It might be creative business time in the mornings and client work in the afternoon. Understand what works for you and plan accordingly. There’s a whole section on this in the Business Acceleration Bootcamp program… working with sprints, knowing when to focus on ‘move the needle’ actions, how to organize your schedule, client call days vs business implementation days, how to plan for new ideas and unexpected things, etc. But all these things only work if you know what works for you!

How are you going to get more done?

This is what has allowed me to get more done in less time, which one of these techniques are you going to take action on and apply immediately? How are YOU going to take what I’ve shared today to get more done in your life and work? What are your top three takeaways? 

But this is only the tip of the iceberg. :)

If you’re ready to show up for yourself, move through you blocks, and develop YOUR SUCCESS PLAN, it’s time for you to commit to going for more… How?

Thought you’d never ask. :)

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