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The Voice of the Ambitious Woman

By Amira Alvarez

When you’re going for more it’s often hard to listen to your Soul. It doesn’t seem expedient. There are so many other pressing things that need your attention. Why should I go inside? Why should I listen? I certainly don’t have time for this, the story goes.

Whether you think you have time or you don’t, if you take the time to listen, your Soul will always give you the correct direction. And this clear direction is priceless. 

So how do you do that?

Stop. Get quiet. Listen. 

Seems pretty easy, but what are you listening for?

For me it’s evolved. 

It used to just be a voice or dialogue in my mind that was qualitatively different from the Default Mode Network, that constant chatter in your head.

I started to pay more and more attention to it and it started to come through loud and clear. There was no question about its authority. I always knew it was correct. 

I used to call that the voice of God and I would have my own version of “Conversations With God.” (Thank you Neale Donald Walsch for the inspiration.)

Then I started to meditate.

Almost immediately I noticed a feeling in my body that again was qualitatively different from my normal resting state. 

As I started to pay attention and listen to that feeling more and more, I started loving it. Literally sending it love. As I did so, the energy became stronger and stronger and my connection to Spirit has grown exponentially since.

The result?

Now that voice and that feeling speak as one. 

Together the result is a channeling of Spirit. 

This morning it gave me guidance on what to say to a client in need, it directed me on the content of this newsletter, it showed me the difference between illusion and reality and how to stop creating the illusion.

So what does this have to do with anything important to you?

Having access to this power and knowing how to build this connection, is your birthright as well.

It clarifies the path. 
It provides the net.
It removes uncertainty. 

And yet often for ambitious, driven women, we suppress our access to this, thinking that we have to do it all on our own.

Certainly we won’t abdicate our responsibility or the action that is ours to take BUT this connection to Spirit makes your work so much easier.

Your job now is to build your connection to it. Start with what I’ve written above and keep your eyes open for our upcoming (2024) Exquisite Life Plan Event where I will be teaching you the methodology for accessing this… and so much more!

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