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Stop Self-Sabotage in Business

This Block Masquerades as Work Ethic–Don’t Be Fooled!

By Amira Alvarez

Is your inner Good Girl always telling you to work harder (and causing self-sabotage in the process)?

So many of the women I work with are blocked by this.

(I was, too!)

When the going got tough in my business, my choice was always to work harder, because that’s how I was raised. Work hard, get good grades, please everyone around you.

And even though I was a rebel in many ways, I carried this programming with me into my business, where it just didn’t serve me in quantum leaping.

(You can’t just work harder. You can’t 10x your work hours to 10x your income!!)

School teaches you that working hard will bring your success, and it does… in school. But it’s not how you move the needle and create success in your life and business.

To be clear, I’m not advocating for being a slacker.

You’ll always need to put in the work.

However, it’s not the ONLY ingredient to success. (If it were, so many hard-working women would have SO much more financial success. Think about that!!)

What does ‘move the needle’ is a combination of:

  • Having a success mindset that allows you to unlock the goldmine in your mind (it’s already inside of you!)
  • Understanding the Manifestation Matrix Process to call in anything you desire quickly
  • Breaking free of the unique way you stop yourself—your self-sabotage patterns
  • And putting the right plans into action without delay or indecision

Yes, there’s hard work involved in all of this… but that’s by no means the whole equation.

So I invite you to look at your to-do list today and ask yourself:

What’s one thing that feels like “hard work” that won’t actually move the needle in my business, or in my life?

Can you delegate it to someone else? Drop it like a hot potato?

Then focus your time and energy on what WILL move the needle immediately.

Are you ready to move out of “feast or famine” for good, eliminate confusion and overwhelm, stop the self-sabotage, and get off that emotional roller coaster?? 

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