Indecisive or Just Being a Victim?

By Amira Alvarez

Today we’re talking about the importance of confident decisionmaking!

As children, most of us were taught to turn to others to help us make decisions. While that may have been necessary at one point, it can make it tricky to break this habit when we’re adults… which can lead to things like resentment and a sense of victimhood.

But it’s time to step into your power, and start owning yourself as the successful woman you are! Listen up to learn how this issue may be manifesting itself in your life, so you can find your freedom and unlock your true potential!

What To Listen For

  • Why we put the blame on others – and the real cost we pay
  • How to find the balance between listening to advice from others and still trusting your gut
  • The sneaky ways your parents’ influence is still affecting you today
  • The importance of confident decision-making, and how you can learn to stop second-guessing yourself for good!


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