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Time Can Be On Your Side If You Allow It

By Amira Alvarez

The other day, my man and I were hustling to get out the door to go have a leisurely breakfast at this super cute, quintessential French bakery that I had just discovered.

I really wanted to show it to him…

I really wanted to get out of the house for the housekeeper…

And really wanted to get there and back before my first meeting of the day…

But we didn’t have much time.

So I was pacing by the back door, waiting impatiently. 

When he noticed this, he graciously spoke to it saying, “I didn’t realize we were in a time crunch.” 

To which I snarkily replied, “Yes, you did!”


I immediately regretted it and apologized. 

But why did that come out of my mouth in the first place? 

That’s not who I am and yet that’s what I said.

And this brings us to the topic for today… Our relationship with time. 

Although it may be true that time is a non-renewable resource that we never get back… 

Have you ever noticed that sometimes you feel like things flow so smoothly, you get a ton of stuff done, and it seems like you have all the time in the world?

While other times you’re worried about time, everything takes longer than you expected, and more to-dos just pile up? (And you end up being stressed and snarky.)

Our experience of time changes based on how we are relating to it. And in turn, our experience of life changes based on how we’re relating to time. 

Sometimes we feel spacious and divine… and other times not so much.

So the next day, I tried a different tack… one that ALWAYS works better for me.

I decided what I wanted to get done but reduced dramatically the time-sensitive constraints I put on myself.

In fact, I choose to commit to only one time specific activity, giving myself much more flexibility.

The result? 

One of the best days ever, full of flow.

Now I’m not suggesting throwing out your calendar, blowing off meetings, or ignoring your task list.

But I am asking you to choose your highest priorities, commit to that, and then trust the flow of life more. 

It’s not about discarding structure but rather about infusing it with trust and adaptability. 

It’s about testing out what the least amount of time-based structure is that you need to get your work done in this world. 

It’s about being fully committed to your highest and best life, and not living a compromised, time pressured version of it.

With some practice, you’ll find yourself creating days that resonate with the essence of living exquisitely. Stack those and you’ve got an exquisite life… one that’s truly worth living.

It’s time to lean into that, yes?


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