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We Must Do THIS to Manifest More of What We Desire

By Amira Alvarez

Let’s talk about sacrifice.

(I’ll take a wild guess and assume you have some sort of relationship with it…)

We’re all taught to sacrifice growing up. It’s part of getting along in society and with others and it’s important… 

But as women it tends to be much more of an imposed expectation…

We’re taught to take care of others first, to drop everything we’re doing and put our needs last, not to ask for too much, and to sacrifice our true desires in favor of something more reasonable. In short, we’re taught to be good little girls. (F– that!!)

It’s not that sacrifice doesn’t have its place. It does. And it’s actually one of the keys to an extraordinary life and business, but you must understand how it works. That’s where a deep understanding of the Laws of the Universe come in.

The Law of Sacrifice states that we must be willing to let go of something of a lower nature in order to call in and receive something of a higher nature.

Do you see the nuance there?

The Law of Sacrifice isn’t about giving up on yourself and suppressing your own needs and desires… it’s about letting go of what DOESN’T serve you for what DOES.

Let me just tell you… putting this Law to work takes more than just decluttering your office desk and finally filing that stack of papers (though that’s satisfying and creates great order and beauty and is definitely part of the process)

This takes COURAGE. You’ll probably feel like it’s “wrong” to make some sacrifices in how you’re showing up and you must have this kind of COURAGE to SCALE your business.

You have to look at ALL areas and aspects of your life and  business… everything from where you spend your time, to the mindset you bring into your work, to the relationships you have, and your personal habits. What do you need to let go of? What’s no longer serving your business, your purpose, your growth?

I’m constantly doing this in small or large ways. This is one of the key principles I use over and over again to create the level of personal and financial freedom I now experience. 

Listen to this conversation with my Team on my latest Sacrifice that’s at the intersection of my personal and professional life, my challenges around it (it’s SERIOUSLY not always picture perfect), and how I’m consciously sacrificing… because I’m NO LONGER AVAILABLE for having this in my life.

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