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What Are You Tolerating?

By Amira Alvarez

Tolerations are one way that we continually sabotage our growth and success.

Because tolerations keep us small. They keep us in old ways of being, or in relationships and obligations that don’t truly serve us in calling in what we desire.

Nothing needs to be tolerated… yet, I’m sure you’ll find that when you get really honest, you’re actually tolerating a lot.

Are you tolerating…

  • Non-ideal or drama loving clients or team.
  • Not making enough money or not charging enough.
  • Not doing what you really want to do.
  • Not taking action and therefore not growing.
  • Not having the right support you need.
  • Not taking the vacations you want to take.
  • Not enough down time or time for what you love.


Or maybe, for you, it looks like tolerating…

  • Toxic people.
  • Confusion or indecision about what to do next.
  • Paralysis, perfectionism, or procrastination.
  • Invisibility, not putting yourself out there.
  • Anxiety, worry, and doubt.
  • Writer’s block.
  • Overwhelm and burnout.


And in your life, it might look like tolerating…

  • Unsupportive partners or family members.
  • An unsatisfying sex life or hating how your body looks.
  • An uninspiring or ugly home environment.
  • Clothing that’s just meh or bad hair days.


And the list goes on and on. You get the idea. Toleration.

Is that really okay? I’m sure you believe you can make the argument that it is… but I’m arguing that it’s NOT. It’s not okay because it’s time to step into MORE.

It’s time to claim what you want and really go for it.

Choose ONE thing that your are NO LONGER going to tolerate. Today.

Choose one thing. Do it now. Your life will forever be changed.

What’s it going to be?



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