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The Universe Meets You Halfway

By Amira Alvarez

What happens when you get out of your own way and get into action?

The Universe meets you halfway.

Case in point… a woman joined my Bootcamp program not too long ago. She’d been in a lull and hadn’t been in action for awhile. In fact, she’d been downright stalled out.

But she decided… I’m doing this! I’m claiming my future. I’m getting help.

What happens next?

The day after she signs up, I got this… “After signing up, three people have reserved their spot for a website building webinar I’m doing. I’d planned on canceling it, but forgot to take it down! I guess the Universe is trying to tell me something.”

Two days later, someone booked in to talk about working with her.

This is NOT an anomaly.

The Universe will meet you halfway, but you’ve got to get on the field.

You’ve got to take action.

The other day, I suggested a small tweak to a client’s plan that basically said… don’t wait, do it now. She gets a new booking. Immediately. Not next week, not in a month. Same day.

This happens ALL THE TIME.

I’ve had women book their seat at my Summit, then tell me they received new bookings and payments. The other day, I had a conversation with a potential client about her plan and told her to go for it. It was all in place, she didn’t have to wait. The result? $17k launch. One week.

It’s not magic.

It’s stepping forward in confidence and faith. It’s making a claim for what you want. It’s spotting the opportunities and going for it. It’s doing the work and getting out of the way.

And it works.

So… how will you get into action today?


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