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Achieve Freedom

Achieve Freedom by Mastering This One Concept

By Amira Alvarez

What does it take to achieve freedom?

Let’s start by defining freedom.

Certainly, it’s the opposite of feeling trapped or limited in any way. 

This could look like choosing your own hours, making your own decisions about who you want to work with, or simply not having to report in on the daily to a manager or boss.

It could mean being completely unrestricted when it comes to how you spend your free time or where you choose to live.

It could mean feeling like you could buy anything you want (not having to scrimp, budget, or comparison shop), or do whatever you want in this one life of yours.

Then, of course, there’s the freedom to set your own income – which affects all of the above.

Sounds great, eh?

But then reality comes and you start seeing the limitations…

You can’t say no to working with that one difficult, nitpicky client if you need their money to keep your business going.

You can’t choose to spend your free time learning to surf, traveling (when we’re back to that), or going to the spa if you can’t afford it (or never have any time because you’re trading hours for dollars!)

But really? Freedom is an inside job. Sure you don’t want to be restricted in any of these ways, but these are the symptoms of not being free on the inside. 

To achieve freedom, you have to start with self-ownership. Owning your own life. 

And this requires a whole different set of beliefs than what most people were brought up with.

You have to critically examine your core beliefs about yourself and how the world works.

You have to get to the base of itcut off your blocks to freedom at their root… and get to the cause of limitation.

Then, once you discover where the issues stem from, you have to actually implement change… and start taking new action.

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