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My Own Private Gratitude Practice

By Amira Alvarez

I just wrapped up my own private gratitude practice. It’s one that I do every day and it’s completely transformed my life and brought me miracle after miracle.

Most days I do my practice first thing in the morning, but I’m human, so today I did it around 4:30 pm. #human

I have to admit, when I first started hearing about gratitude practices, I was completely  dismissive of them.

  • That’s too woo…
  • That can’t work…
  • That’s too simplistic…
  • And the big one… I don’t have time for that.

Even now, I can still resist it, but not nearly as much as before. ;-)

In fact, this afternoon, I craved it because I know it works. I know it clears what needs to be cleared. I know how key it is to receiving everything I want.

Gratitude for everything will transform your life and create miracles.

What’s the key phrase there?

It’s not actually gratitude, though of course that’s key and what we’re talking about…

It’s this: for everything.

Don’t be selective about your gratitude.

Gratitude for everything will transform your life and create miracles.

This is about gratitude for everything in your life… the good, the bad, the ugly…

  • The ugly cry you just had…
  • The insecurity you feel…
  • The frustration that you just experienced…

And yes, all the successes and good feeling experiences as well.

It’s all part of life.

Don’t let your circumstances define your state.

If you do, you abdicate your power to create anything you want in life, including your financial freedom.  

Gratitude for everything will transform your life and create miracles.

One of the things I do is I count and keep track of the miracles, because ya know… results count! Our minds can play us for the fool by both diminishing and over stating our results. It’s important to track what’s actually occuring.

This last round I counted 16 of the 29 miracles I desired having come to be. That’s pretty damn cool!

Some, of course, are in progress and haven’t fully manifested yet because they’re part of a longer term plan. All good! I’m grateful for that too. I’m grateful for it all.

Yet, these 16 miracles were not chicken feed! They were BIG miracles. New manifestations. What I truly wanted but didn’t have yet… all coming to being NOW.

I’m always delighted by the seemingly magic of it, but it’s not f—ing magic.

Miracles or manifestations happen by cause.

I encourage you during this Thanksgiving week to move beyond the standard way you express your gratitude and embrace it all.

Take control of your financial freedom and your life!


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