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How Have You Decided To Live?

By Amira Alvarez

How have you decided to live?

This is a question that rubs many people the wrong way, but it’s an important one.

To really live in alignment with the Universal Laws, you have to take full responsibility for your life, results, and everything in between… not just some of the things, ALL of the things… including the way you have DECIDED to live your life.

Decision is an important step in the Manifestation Process and one that many women tend overlook.

In order to step into the life you’re meant to live, you have to start asking yourself… where am I deciding to live in alignment with the lies… and where do I need to start living in alignment with the Truth?

The “lies” are the stories we tell ourselves… the fears and blocks… the subconscious programming that keeps us “safe” and small… and the beliefs we’ve held since we were toddlers because that’s “how the world works” according to our parents or society.

Truth comes from Spirit, and is always in support of your highest and best life.

  • Can you see the Truth for yourself?
  • Can you see yourself living that Truth?

Sometimes the answer is yes, you can see the Truth. And in that case, you have to really ask yourself… have I DECIDED to live in alignment with that truth?

Sometimes the answer is no, you can’t see the Truth. In these instances, ask yourself a different question… can you decide to see yourself uncovering that Truth?

Making this decision allows you to open to receiving guidance from Spirit… your Truth.

So tell me, have you decided to live in alignment with the Truth?

If you’re decided, what does spirit tell you do next?


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