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Time to Overpower, Override, and Overthrow Your Excuses

Time to Overpower, Override, and Overthrow Your Excuses

By Amira Alvarez

Can we get real for a minute? It’s time to overpower, override, and overthrow your excuses.

All the stories you are telling yourself to WHY you can’t have what you want, be what you want, experience what you want… well they’re just tired. Those stories, those excuses are tired. They’re exhausted really.

Your excuses are tired of holding you back. They don’t want to take the blame any longer.  As a matter of fact, I have chatted with them and they have agreed to no longer be a crutch in your ability to create the life and business you desire.

Oh wait, I can’t actually talk to your excuses. But you can.

You can overpower their destructive patterns in your life. You can!

You can override their habits, you can set your excuses free.

You can.

But will you?

They are so warm and cozy, comfortable and consistent.

Even though they leave you without the result you ultimately desire. At your core you know the truth!

You know you are UNSTOPPABLE.

You know  you are meant to experience and have all that you desire.

You know your ideal client NEEDS you, your brilliance, your mastery, your impact.  

You know it’s time to take action and leave your excuses behind.

Next step: give your excuses a break and go slay your life and business!

P.S. If this feels like you, if you feel that your excuses are tired of being blamed for you not getting what you want, then it’s time to break through your blindspots, get out of your own way, and learn the art of strategic focus. Book a quick call  with Michele, my strategic advisor – we want to ensure that your life and business are creating the experience you long for and impact you are meant to make.

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