How to Fix What’s Sapping Your Team’s Time and Energy | An Unstoppable Woman Spotlight | Molly Grisham

By Amira Alvarez

This episode is part of our special Unstoppable Woman Spotlight Series. Today we’re talking with the phenomenal Molly Grisham, an expert in everything that has to do with TEAMS—building team leaders, improving productivity and communication, and growing teams (which is really about growing people!) A courageous and passionate communicator, Molly is an experienced workshop facilitator and executive coach with a unique and effective approach to leadership development. Listen in to learn from the best, including how you can pinpoint and fix what’s sapping your team’s time and energy!!

What To Listen For

  • Is poor communication slowing down your team? (And what to do about it)
  • The other B-word—why women get called “bossy” (and how you can respond productively)
  • How to create and maintain a positive work environment
  • To improve your team, you have to work on yourself first
  • Become more equipped to deal with the little stuff
  • Does your business have trust issues?


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About Molly:

Molly Grisham has 20 years of coaching experience at the collegiate, high school, and club levels. She has 10+ years of experience as an adjunct professor and curriculum builder. Her work is rooted in experiential learning and designed to inspire and set people in motion. Molly is passionate about building teams, developing leaders, creating custom workshops, and utilizing personality assessments for personal and professional development. Molly focuses mostly on athletes, as she helps them reach and exceed personal goals, teams become more productive, and leaders/ companies become more competitive in their market.

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