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What Have You Been Putting Off Around Goal Achievement

What Have You Been Putting Off Around Goal Achievement? (and Why It Matters)

By Amira Alvarez

How as your goal achievement gone? Did you accomplish everything you set out to do this year? 

It’s been a wild one, so maybe not.

I’m not trying to shame you, promise! The reason I’m asking is that, as we start to gear up for 2021, you’re probably setting some new goals for yourself.

This is the exciting part! You get to think about all you’re going to tackle in 2021!! 

But there’s something just as essential as goal-setting… and that’s acknowledging what’s tripped you up in the past so you can correct it for the future.

The truth is… we all put stuff off (myself included at times!) We’ve all had a goal we’ve set out to achieve, only to find ourselves procrastinating by doing anything and everything else.

Holding yourself accountable to your goal achievement – consistently – is tricky to master.

But even though it takes hard work to maintain accountability, I have some good news. It’s not all your fault.

See, as you start to approach a new level in life and with your goal achievement, your subconscious plays a mind trick on you.

It steps in with all types of distractions, making you see other responsibilities as more important than going after your goal.

But here’s the thing: you don’t have to listen to it.

This is where you can choose how you respond. There are two routes.

Option A: You can focus on what your subconscious is telling you to prioritize. You can go after all these secondary objectives… and put your goal on the backburner.

Your goal won’t be front and center in your mind anymore. Whenever you start to think about it again, you’ll probably feel a tinge of guilt… but your subconscious will eventually come up with (totally legit-sounding) justifications for why you’re concentrating on something else.

Eventually, when things start to calm down with whatever fire you were tending to, you realize: I haven’t made any progress towards my goal in six weeks! (or months, or years!)

Cue the shame spiral.

Yikes. Want to hear Option B?

You can choose not to let your thoughts control you.

You can acknowledge them, and you can even accept that they exist. But you don’t have to act on them.

How you respond to these thoughts is entirely up to you.

This is pivotal. Look at this as a source of power.

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